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Space and Earth are fascinating places, full of promises.

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By enabling a better understanding of the universe and of our planet, our technologies make those promises more accessible.
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Ash Manufacturing Company


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Ash-Dome is a product of the Ash Manufacturing Company.
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Astro Haven invented the clamshell observatory… Astro Haven Enterprises expands the envelope.
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The brand AVALON INSTRUMENTS was born about 10 years ago, as an innovative high quality product, aimed at both the amateurs and the professionals astronomical world.
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Baader Planetarium – founded in 1966 by Claus Baader – is a middle sized enterprise having 50 years experience in producing and installing astronomical equipment.
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Backyard Observatories has been building roll-off roof observatories for amateur astronomers, clubs, schools, and government facilities since the Spring of 2003.
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Farpoint Astro is the home of premium astronomy equipment.
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Giant Magellan Telescope is the work of the GMTO Corporation, an international nonprofit and consortium of 14 universities and research institutions representing Australia, Brazil, Chile, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.
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John J. McCarthy Observatory

Opening the Universe to all

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The John J.
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New Mexico Skies Observatories

Where the "SEEING" is Believing"


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The Remote Astronomical Society Observatory, Mayhill, also known as the New Mexico Skies Observatory is a remotely controlled observatory hosted by the New Mexico Skies astronomy hosting company.
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OMI Astro


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Remote telescope rental and image data sales are our signature services.
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Manufacturers of Dome and Roll Off Roof Observatories, telescope piers

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2013 1-10

PrimaLuceLab is an Italian company with a brilliant staff of engineers, designers and expert users, founded in 2013 to create innovative solutions for remote space exploration.
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Since the founding of Sierra Remote Observatories (SRO) in 2007, we have been striving to make it a premiere destination for automated astronomical data collection and imaging, satellite tracking and space communication.
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SkyShed Observatories has been building observatories and winning the hearts of astronomers around the world since 2003.
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The TAO project is a plan to build a world-top infrared-optimized telescope with a 6.
View more about The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO)

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From Hawaii’s Maunakea, astronomers around the world use W.
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Waning Moon was the name of my observatory in New Orleans East, seen in the photograph below.
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