Peer through refractor telescopes for the clearest of celestial views, where every lens matters.

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Apertura was launched in 2011 by a passionate amateur astronomer committed to providing the best Dobsonian telescope for the value.
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SharpStar Optics specializes in advanced telescopes and optical products designed for both amateur and professional astronomers.
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ASTRO-PHYSICS has been developing telescopes and accessories for the advanced amateur since 1975.
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Astrozap started nearly 25 years ago and grew to be a leading manufacturer of telescope dew control and related accessories, with a large selection to match just about every telescope on the planet.
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The brand AVALON INSTRUMENTS was born about 10 years ago, as an innovative high quality product, aimed at both the amateurs and the professionals astronomical world.
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1960 51-200 77,305

Celestron has been an optics industry leader for decades, ever since Tom Johnson unveiled the game-changing C8.
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Galileo's Place is your one stop for Galileo refractor telescopes, reflector telescopes, and catadioptric telescopes as well as binoculars and assorted gadgets, gizmos and apparel.
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GSO, or Guan Sheng Optical, is renowned for manufacturing high-quality telescopes, optical components, and precision-engineered optics designed to enhance every stargazing experience.
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Established in 2003 in Texas, at Hubble Optics, we strive to produce unique and innovative products of excellent quality for our customers.
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iOptron is a global company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative astronomical telescopes, mounts & accessories, and cutting-edge optical instrument for multiple applications.
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iStar Optical was founded in 2009 and based in the Czech Republic, Europe by Ales Patrick Krivanek, engineer and designer.
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Lunt Solar Systems, based in Tucson Arizona, is the world’s leading manufacturing and sales facility that designs, fabricates, assembles, and tests solar telescopes and solar filters.
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37 years ago, when the cast brass name plate was put on the first Obsession, our commitment was to make the world's finest Dobsonian telescope.
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1975 51-200 251,932

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars is an American retail company that sells telescopes, binoculars and accessories online and in-store for astronomy and birdwatching.
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For over a decade, PlaneWave Instruments brings its unique brand of craftsmanship to amateur and professional astronomers with a full line of telescopes and related products which withstand the test of real-world (and out-of-this-world) usage.
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2013 1-10

PrimaLuceLab is an Italian company with a brilliant staff of engineers, designers and expert users, founded in 2013 to create innovative solutions for remote space exploration.
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Manufacturer of innovative astronomy accessories

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Sky Watcher


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1999 11-50

Sky-Watcher specializes in creating telescopes and accessories that cater to all levels of astronomers, from beginners to advanced observers.
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Software Bisque, Inc.
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From their manufacturing facilities in Urii, Japan, and their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Takahashi designs and creates optical tube assemblies, mounts, oculars and accessories for astronomical observing and astrophotography.
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1977 2-10

Tele Vue Optics, founded in 1977, has been thrilling amateur astronomers since 1979.
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Telescope Engineering Company began in 1994 as a distributor/subcontractor of optics and optical materials.
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William Optics

More quality for Less money

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1996 11-50

In a relatively short time, William Optics has established itself and its products as one of the world leaders in short-tube, highly-portable APO refractors, and has achieved quality recognition for many accessories such as the well celebrated WO Diagonals.
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Store with a wide range of cameras, binoculars, telescopes & related equipment & accessories.
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Zhumell customers know that there are plenty of ways to experience the world.
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ZWO is a world-renowned high-tech R&D company focused on the development, design, production, and sales of astrophotography equipment.
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