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37 years ago, when the cast brass name plate was put on the first Obsession, our commitment was to make the world's finest Dobsonian telescope. From the luster of our birch and maple mount, to the exquisite figure of our optics, we've been upholding the tradition ever since.

Made in the USA
Old world craftsmanship is part of it. Equally important is our creative use of technology - we've found ways to revolutionize the Dobsonian. In 1989 we introduced the first Dobsonian with large diameter side bearings and anti-friction surfaces, resulting in finger-tip guiding and incredibly easy motion in all directions. We also developed the first open steel frame, self-cooling mirror cell. All Obsessions provide astounding views. All can be set up in minutes, alone. And now the revolution continues with release of the book, THE DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE, by Kriege & Berry, and our award winning Ultra Compact series of large aperture telescopes.

We are obsessed with producing the best portable deep sky telescopes so everyone can enjoy bright images and the wonder and beauty of visual astronomy. We are not a factory. Each Obsession is hand crafted by professionals on a limited edition basis. We must be doing it right - since the first Obsession appeared on the cover of Telescope Making magazine, we've sold over 2,000 large aperture telescopes to observers in fifty countries. In fact, Obsession is now the most imitated Dobsonian on the market. Obsession telescopes are used by a range of users, including amateur astronomers, academic institutions, and some observatories.

Obsession Telescopes will remain on the cutting edge of design, quality and engineering. And with a full line of telescopes we have the products to satisfy every observer's personal quest for large aperture.

Isn't it about time you got Obsessed? Look over our web site. Call the customer references. If you have further questions or comments, please write or call.

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