Dive into astrophotography with our directory of cameras designed to capture the cosmos in stunning detail.

Founded Employees Social Traffic
2010 1-25

AG Optical Systems LLC is a veteran-owned business specializing in the design, development, and production of high-resolution imaging systems.
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Oxford Instruments

Camera Accessories  

Founded Employees Social Traffic
1989 398

Andor Technology Ltd is a global developer and manufacturer of high-performance scientific cameras, microscopy systems and spectrographs for academic, government, and industrial applications.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

Our business grew out of Randy's hobby.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

B&H is not a big box store, or a faceless chain.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

If you live on Long Island there's a good chance you bought a camera, perhaps your first camera, from Berger Brothers.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic
-- -- -- --

Bintel is your destination for telescopes and binoculars in Australia.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic
1934 -- -- --

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Founded Employees Social Traffic

The Largest Telescope Distributor on Long Island, NY You can find Astronomical cameras(CCD & CMOS) William Optics, Explore Scientific, Celestron, and Sharpstar

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Founded Employees Social Traffic
1960 51-200 77,305

Celestron has been an optics industry leader for decades, ever since Tom Johnson unveiled the game-changing C8.
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Edmund Optics

Optics Manufacturer & Supplier | Imaging Lens & Laser Optics Manufacturer

Camera Accessories  

Founded Employees Social Traffic
1942 501-1000 6 182,668

Edmund Scientific Corporation, based in Barrington, New Jersey, was founded in 1942 as a retailer of surplus optical parts like lenses.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

GSO, or Guan Sheng Optical, is renowned for manufacturing high-quality telescopes, optical components, and precision-engineered optics designed to enhance every stargazing experience.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

Mallincam is the result of one man's passion for sharing astronomy with the world.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic
1975 51-200 251,932

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars is an American retail company that sells telescopes, binoculars and accessories online and in-store for astronomy and birdwatching.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

QHYCCD, founded by Qiu Hongyun, Ph.
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Sky Watcher


Reflector  Reflector Dobsonian  Refractor  Retailers  

Founded Employees Social Traffic
1999 11-50

Sky-Watcher specializes in creating telescopes and accessories that cater to all levels of astronomers, from beginners to advanced observers.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic
1977 2-10

Tele Vue Optics, founded in 1977, has been thrilling amateur astronomers since 1979.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

Vaonis stemmed from a powerful ambition to revolutionize the practice of Astronomy and shake up its codes.
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Founded Employees Social Traffic

Store with a wide range of cameras, binoculars, telescopes & related equipment & accessories.
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Camera Accessories  Reflector  Refractor  Solar  

Founded Employees Social Traffic

ZWO is a world-renowned high-tech R&D company focused on the development, design, production, and sales of astrophotography equipment.
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