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Vaonis stemmed from a powerful ambition to revolutionize the practice of Astronomy and shake up its codes. We believe Astronomy should be more accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we had to follow unexplored pathways.

Shape and form define usage. Making astronomy more accessible means getting rid of all complexity and create a new kind of experience.

We completely redesigned what you could think of a telescope. Only one button, no eyepiece and our mobile device application. We created what we call Explorations Stations, perfect combinations between a telescope and a camera allowing you to explore the Universe, take your own pictures of Galaxies, Nebulae, Star Clusters  and more, and share this moment with your beloved ones.

We created new portals giving you access to the wonders of the Cosmos. They claim their uniqueness in the astronomy landscape with style and elegance.

A revolutionary design for a revolutionary experience.

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