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4/21/2024 8:46:36 AM
1.25 Solar Wedge is Starfield Optics newest addition
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1.25 Solar Wedge is Starfield Optics newest addition


1.25 Solar Wedge is Starfield Optics newest addition

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Starfield Optics unveils the Starfield 1.25" Solar Wedge for enhanced solar viewing. Designed for refractor telescopes, it features a built-in CPL filter and anti-reflection prism, ideal for astrophotography and visual observation.

Starfield Optics, the Canadian manufacturer, has unveiled its latest innovation in solar observation: the Starfield 1.25" Solar Wedge. This new addition to their solar wedge collection is designed specifically for use with refractor telescopes. By replacing the traditional solar film with this tool, users can achieve superior visual and photographic results.

Enhanced solar viewing with Solar Wedge from Starfield Optics

The Starfield 1.25" Solar Wedge is equipped with a built-in adjustable Circular Polarizing (CPL) filter and an anti-reflection coated prism. These features work together to produce high-contrast, sharply detailed images. The wedge's 26.5mm clear aperture and M42 threading allow for easy attachment to cameras, making it ideal for both visual observers and astrophotography enthusiasts.

With its advanced features and timely release during a period of heightened solar activity, the Starfield 1.25" Solar Wedge promises to enhance the solar viewing experience significantly.

"WE are excited to offer this wedge when solar activity is very high and dynamic, making it an excellent option for visual observers and astrophotographers everywhere," said a Starfield Optics Stephen Mallia.



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