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4/21/2024 8:46:34 AM
Starsense Autoguider from Celestron aligns scopes in only 3 minutes
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Starsense Autoguider from Celestron aligns scopes in only 3 minutes

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Starsense Autoguider from Celestron aligns scopes in only 3 minutes

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Celestron StarSense Autoguider, a compact device, easily connects to your Celestron mount to boost its pointing precision. Designed for creating clear, long-exposure images, it's an essential tool for both novice and expert astroimagers seeking improved accuracy.

The Celestron StarSense Autoguider enhances the usability of telescopes by automating the alignment process and improving image quality. This compact device connects seamlessly to your Celestron mount to facilitate both stargazing and astroimaging. It aligns your telescope with the night sky in approximately three minutes without manual input, using Celestron's patented StarSense technology to identify star patterns and properly orient the telescope. This feature eliminates the need for manual alignment, allowing you to focus on observing and capturing images of the cosmos. Some of the StarSense Autoguider features include:

  • Precise GoTo: Improves the accuracy of your Celestron mount, ensuring celestial objects are centered in the field of view, essential for high-powered eyepieces or modern imaging sensors.
  • Autoguiding: Streamlines the capture of long-exposure astroimages by eliminating the need for separate autoguiding cameras, guidescopes, and computers. This feature maintains the clarity of targets and backgrounds, suitable for both novice and experienced astronomers.
  • Assisted Polar Alignment: Facilitates optimal alignment with straightforward on-screen instructions, enhancing tracking accuracy for precise observations and imaging.

Align your scope to the night sky in about 3 minutes, with the Starsense Autoguider from Celestron

Additionally, the StarSense Autoguider features a high-quality 4-element optical system designed by optical designer Mark Ackermann, which offers clear imaging. It supports advanced functions such as dithering and comet tracking through CPWI’s software, which includes a comprehensive database of over 100,000 celestial objects. With regular firmware updates, the capabilities of the autoguider will continue to grow. It is compatible with most current Celestron mounts and integrates easily into your existing setup, whether using NexStar+ hand control or CPWI via a wired or WiFi connection. This device simplifies the telescope alignment and imaging processes, making it a practical addition to any astronomer’s toolkit.





Starsense Autoguider features according to Celestron

Starsense Autoguider key features:

  • Automatic Alignment: Utilizes Celestron’s patented StarSense technology to align your telescope with the night sky in approximately three minutes without any user input.
  • Precise GoTo: Enhances the pointing accuracy of your Celestron mount, accurately positioning celestial objects in the center of high-powered eyepieces and small imaging sensors.
  • Autoguiding Capability: Tracks celestial objects with precision, ensuring sharp stars in long-exposure astroimages and removing the need for separate autoguiding equipment.
  • Assisted Polar Alignment: Provides an automated, simple process for achieving optimal polar alignment.
  • High-Quality Optical Design: Boasts a superior 4-element optical configuration designed by renowned optical designer Mark Ackermann, offering clearer optics than typical mini-guidescopes.
  • Versatile Control Options: Compatible with NexStar+ hand control or CPWI telescope control software, allowing operation via a wired PC connection or WiFi.
Starsense Autoguider specs

Starsense Autoguider specs:

  • Lens Design: Double-Gauss
  • Aperture: 28mm (1.10")
  • Focal Length: 120mm (4.72")
  • Focal Ratio: f/4.3
  • Number of Elements: 4
  • Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated
  • CMOS Image Sensor: Sony IMX290LLR, monochrome, back-illuminated
  • Sensor Size: 6.46mm diagonal
  • Pixel Size: 2.9μm x 2.9μm
  • Number of effective pixels: 2.13M
  • Onboard computer: Integrated Computer-On-Module
  • Primary Arm core: 2x Cortex -A53 up to 1.4 GHz
  • Secondary Arm core: 1x Cortex-M7 up to 600 MHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • ROM: 4 GB
  • GPU: GC7000UltraLite
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to 85°C
  • Ports: AUX and USB-C
  • AUX: For connection to Celestron mounts
  • USB-C: For PC connection for live view, USB 3.1
  • Housing: Aluminum with plastic covers, threaded for 2" filters


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