ScopeTrader July ST Cover 2024

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ScopeTrader July 2024

The July 2024 issue of ScopeTrader is bursting with exciting content for every astronomy enthusiast. This month's highlights include the find the "forever" telescope mount, the latest astornomy innovations, fascinating historical insights, and expert reviews across various categories.

Discover the new collimator for reflecting telescopes from APM Telescopes, and delve into the history of the Coulter Odyssey Compact 10. Explore the newly released long focal length APO telescope from Altair, and read about a billionaire's proposal for a SpaceX mission to upgrade the Hubble Telescope. Find out about the jammed door on the XRISM telescope affecting low-energy X-ray observation, and learn about Voyager 1 resuming science data transmission from all four instruments. Get details on the newly released Askar 52mm F4 guide scope, reflect on how amateur telescope makers defended America, and dive into Dobsonian astrophotography with Benjamin Law.

Update on the Astrophotography mini PC MeLE Quieter3Q from Astrotan, and read Tsula's guide to preparing for a stargazing trip. Gain insights on daytime astrophotography from the Macquarie Huntsman Telescope, and learn about the peace and connection found in solitary astro imaging. See the astrophoto of NGC5005 and 5033 captured with the TS-Optics 10 inch ONTC, and take a deep dive into the Centaurus constellation and its globular star clusters. Discover Hubble's observation of a galactic bar's illumination.

Trevor Jones reviews the new ZWO ASI585MC Pro, and find details on the QSI 700 Series cameras now available for order. Announcing the 2024 astrophotography competitions by nPAE, and Julie Evans "Eating Sunshine" at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Learn about NASA's forecast of a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event, and read about the 2024 SPIE astronomical telescopes conference. Anticipation builds for the brightening of T Coronae Borealis in 2024.

Learn about LuckyStackWorker for solar image processing, and find out how FindBackground helps in finding the true background in astrophotos. Read about the WARPDRIVE WD-20 mount from WarpAstron, and discover Astro TUFF TRUK telescope trolleys. Get guidance on choosing a forever telescope mount, and find out about Celestron SkyMaster Pro ED binoculars lens upgrades. Learn about the new electronic focuser options for Celestron and Meade SCTs, and discover the side-by-side dovetail plates and saddles from Rouz Astro.

Take a tour of Snake Mt Observatory, and learn that Starfront observatory is now accepting and installing telescopes. Read about how LA County sees a decrease in light pollution thanks to Kathryn Barger, and compare sky glow in Canada vs. the United States. Check out the new book, "Quantum Mechanics and the Design of the Universe." Discover Starfront Observatory's remote telescope hosting services.

Read updates on the Whirlwind Chang'e 6 mission collecting lunar samples and excitement builds for the upcoming eruption of Blaze Star T Coronae Borealis. Learn about the Stellar Dreams program gifting 100 telescopes, and find out about Comet Tsuchinshan-ATLAS becoming visible to the naked eye soon. Discover NASA's plan to adjust Hubble Space Telescope orientation, and gain insights into massless topological defects and cosmic structure binding. Read about Milky Way-like galaxies found by Mizzou scientists, and NASA'sJWT findings on aligned bipolar jets supporting star formation theory. Discover Simons Observatory's big bang inflation measurements and stargazing adventures in Namibia with Sisco Auala and Marc Wolt.

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