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7/2/2024 3:15:21 PM
Telescope collimation software SkyWave AI updates
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Telescope collimation software SkyWave AI updates

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Innovations Foresight has released SkyWave (SKW) version 5.9. This update introduces new options for astigmatism-balanced and sensor tilt in the telescope collimation software tool. Users must uninstall the current version before upgrading. The new version enhances telescope collimation accuracy and efficiency.

A new version of SKW 5.9 is now available, featuring options for astigmatism-balanced and sensor tilt in the collimator tool. To update to the new version of SKW, the current version must first be uninstalled using the Windows OS uninstall tool.

Innovations Foresight releases updates to telescope collimation software: SKW (SkyWave), an AI-based wavefront sensing software

Upon the first run of the new version, it should automatically detect the license key. If it does not, the license key file can be provided. Registering a new license is not recommended as it will render the model unusable. Using the same working directory folder will ensure that all settings and models are automatically recovered.

Optimal astigmatism and tilt correction using defocused stars and collimator tools in SKW 5 9

Optimal astigmatism and tilt correction using defocused stars and collimator tools in SKW 5.9

Several defocused stars in the image are required to utilize the new features. For optimal correction of astigmatism and tilt, 20 to 30 stars scattered across the field are recommended. A star distribution quality flag, which should ideally be green, automatically assesses the star spread across the field and the number of usable stars for calculation. Below the first viewport is the raw image, the second viewport is the astigmatism-balanced collimator tool, and the last viewport (bottom) is the tilt tool.

These tools offer similar collimation aspects already present in SKW, with the same user interface and target. The astigmatism-balanced tool displays a rotating blue cursor at the location with the maximum departure of absolute total astigmatism from the center of the field. The goal is to bring the % balance (replacing the score value) as close to zero as possible, ideally into the green zone. The tilt tool operates similarly, with the blue cursor indicating the location of maximum positive tilt. The deviation shown at the bottom (replacing the score value) relates to the scope CFZ, with a target of below 100%, also in the green zone.

How SkyWave utilizes AI based wavefront sensing AIWFS

How SkyWave utilizes AI-based wavefront sensing (AIWFS)

Innovations Foresight's technology offers a method for quantitative optical analysis and collimation of telescopes using one or more defocused stars and their AI-based Wave Front Sensing (AIWFS) technology.

SKW requires a mathematical model for each telescope, which can be purchased from their online store.

There is also a Collimator version of SKW, featuring a simple GUI and a user-friendly tool for quantitative optical alignment of telescopes.

Watch the videos below to learn how SkyWave utilizes AI-based Wave Front Sensing (AIWFS) technology for precise and efficient telescope collimation.


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