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6/6/2024 10:25:40 AM
New collimator for reflecting telescopes from APM Telescopes
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New collimator for reflecting telescopes from APM Telescopes


New collimator for reflecting telescopes from APM Telescopes

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

APM Telescopes has unveiled the OCAL V3.0 Collimator, which features a 5MP camera and intuitive software designed to streamline the alignment process. This device includes adjustable focus, high-precision measurements, and compatibility with various telescope models.

APM Telescopes has launched the OCAL V3.0 Collimator, the OCAL V3.0 offers real-time adjustments and precise alignment capabilities. The OCAL V3.0's user-friendly interface makes collimation simple. The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up in various observing locations.

OCAL V3.0 Max Collimator: The new collimator for reflecting telescopes

Key features of the OCAL V3.0 include a high-resolution 5MP camera that captures detailed images of the telescope's optics. The software provides immediate feedback on alignment, allowing users to make precise adjustments. This eliminates the need for additional tools or accessories, streamlining the collimation process for both novice and experienced astronomers.

APM Telescopes' OCAL V3.0 Collimator highlights:

  • The new version of the OCAL collimator uses a larger front lens and a CMOS sensor. The new sensor is much more light sensitive. This allows adjustment even under darker conditions. If the image is too bright, you can adjust down via gain and exposure time.
  • The improved optics of the OCAL version 3.0 ensure that critical areas can now be focused even better.
  • The area in the center around the lens of the OCAL is now easier to distinguish from the background. This enables clean alignment even under difficult conditions, for example when a center mark obscures the lens.
  • The clarity of the image has been significantly improved. Especially with a corrector connected, the image is now much better than with previous models.
  • Suitable for Windows and Android.
New version of the OCAL collimator with improved optics

New version of the OCAL collimator with improved optics 

  • Easier for beginners, certainty for professionals
  • The completely redesigned and revolutionary collimator version 3.0 Max for your telescope. The market continues to develop towards short focal lengths and highly sensitive cameras with extremely small pixel sizes. This increases the requirements for a clean telescope alignment.
  • The Ocal collimator is an innovative tool, which facilitates the adjustment in a completely new way.
  • Each Ocal collimator has an internal motor that moves the CMOS chip linearly. Via the software, the focus can thus be ideally adjusted to the individual areas of the alignment. So you can focus on any area in the telescope without touching the setup or imagetrain. Colored centering circles can be selected and adjusted via the included software. The software also controls the line width of the circles as well as the contrast and exposure of the live image.
  • Last but not least, a fade cross can be switched on and rotated via software. In this way, all areas that are important for the adjustment can be brought into focus and concentrically aligned very precisely. With the alignment of the crosshairs, the exact linear alignment of the trap can be assessed.
Whats included

Whats included

  • OCAL 3.0 Max
  • Connection cable
  • 2x adapter
  • Closing cap


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