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5/30/2024 1:35:40 PM
DWARF 3 smart telescope pre-orders now open
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DWARF 3 smart telescope pre-orders now open

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DWARF 3 smart telescope pre-orders now open

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The DWARF 3 smart telescope, now available for pre-order, offers significant upgrades over the DWARF 2, including enhanced optics, advanced sensors, and a user-friendly DWARFLAB App. These improvements make astrophotography more accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts at all levels.

DwarfLab has announced the DWARF 3 smart telescope is now available for pre-order, promising to make astrophotography accessible to enthusiasts everywhere. Its compact size and automatic setup aims to let users capture stunning images of celestial objects such as the Moon, Sun, Milky Way, galaxies, and nebulae within minutes. Additionally, the DWARF 3 is versatile enough for bird watching and capturing 1 billion-pixel panorama photos. Pre-sale orders are scheduled to ship sequentially starting in August 2024.

DWARF 3 smart telescope pre-orders open

The DWARF 3 boasts significant upgrades in optics, sensors, and processors, ensuring crystal-clear images with every shot. Its 35mm aperture apochromatic lens and periscope design enhance light-gathering capabilities by 116% compared to previous models. The telescope's multiple extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses are optimized to the diffraction limit, providing detailed and dazzling views of the stars.

Equipped with the SONY IMX 678 STARVIS 2 sensor, the DWARF 3 offers high sensitivity and low noise performance, with a 90.24% increase in pixel size, reaching 2µm. This allows for longer shutter times with minimal noise interference. The telescope also features three built-in filters: VIS, Astro, and Dual-Band, covering a range from 430-690nm, ideal for both daytime and low-light photography.

The DWARF 3 supports output in JPG, PNG, FITS, and TIFF formats, providing flexibility for post-processing. Its AI-powered noise reduction ensures clarity and texture, even in less-than-ideal conditions.




Designed for ease of use, the DWARF 3 offers one-click shooting through the new DWARFLAB App, making it perfect for beginners. The app includes a Sky Atlas and daily target recommendations, allowing users to quickly identify and capture worthy celestial objects. For advanced users, manual adjustments are available for precise control.

The DWARF 3 also introduces an Astro Plan feature, allowing users to schedule astrophotography sessions in advance. This feature automates the process, enabling users to capture the night sky from the comfort of their bed and wake up to stunning images.

Additional features include NFC connection for instant setup, a multi-language app, and background imaging capabilities. The telescope is also IP54-rated, ensuring resistance to dust, moisture, and dew for optimal performance in various climate conditions.

The DWARF 3 smart telescope combines portability, advanced technology, and user-friendly features, making it an exceptional tool for both amateur and seasoned astronomers. Pre-order now to explore the universe like never before.

Comparing DWARF 3 to DWARF 2

Comparing DWARF 3 to DWARF 2

  Dwarf 3 Dwarf 2
Aperture Diameter

35 mm (Tele)

3.4 mm (Wide)

24 mm (Tele)

2.8 mm (Wide)

Focal Length

150 mm (Tele)

6.7 mm (Wide)

100 mm (Tele)

6.8 mm (Wide)

Equivalent Focal Length

737 mm (Tele)

45 mm (Wide)

675 mm (Tele)

48 mm (Wide)

Built-in Filters

VIS (Tele)

Astro (Tele & Wide)

Dual-Band (Tele)

support daytime & night photography

VIS(Tele & Wide)




10000 mAh 

with External USB Charging Support


5600 mAh

with External USB Charging Support

Storage 128GB EMMC included

64GB Micro SD Card included

512GB Max supported

Shooting Modes

Photo (Tele & Wide)

Video (Tele & Wide)

Astro (Tele & Wide)

Pano (Tele & Wide)

Burst (Tele & Wide)

Timelapse (Tele & Wide)

Photo (Tele & Wide)

Video (Tele)

Astro (Tele)

Pano (Tele)

Burst (Tele)

Timelapse (Tele)

Tele Video (Max. Resolution / Frame Rate)





Telephoto Picture (Max. Resolution) 3840x2160 3840x2160
Wide-Angle Video (Max. Resolution / Frame Rate) 1080p@30fps N/A
Wide-Angle Picture (Max. Resolution) 1920x1080 N/A
Max. Exposure Time (In Astro Mode) 60 s in EQ-Mode 15 s in EQ-Mode
More Functions

NFC One-Touch Connection

Astro Mosaic


Wide-Angle Astrophotography

Size 222 × 142 × 65 mm^3 204 × 130 × 62 mm^3
Weight 1.3 kg 1.2 kg


Whats in the DWARF 3 smart telescope box

Whats in the DWARF 3 smart telescope box?

  • DWARF 3 Smart Telescope
  • Carrying Bag
  • Magnetic Solar Filters
  • Pouch for Solar Filters
  • USB-C Cable
  • Wipe Cloth

Comparable to a dictionary in both size and weight, DWARF 3 is the world's most portable observatory they say

Comparable to a dictionary in both size and weight DWARF 3 is the worlds most portable observatory


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