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4/21/2024 8:46:33 AM
Vespera II smart telescope launches from Vaonis
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Vespera II smart telescope launches from Vaonis

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Vespera II smart telescope launches from Vaonis

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Vespera II by Vaonis redefines astrophotography with a smart, portable telescope for capturing the cosmos in ultra-HD. It's designed for easy use, from backyard astronomers to adventurous explorers, offering features like up to 24MP astrophotography, automatic tracking, and live image enhancement.

The Vespera II smart telescope represents a significant leap in stargazing technology, blending the capabilities of a sophisticated camera with the power of a traditional telescope into a portable, user-friendly device. It simplifies astronomy, allowing for live observations and astrophotography with up to 24-megapixel images, all through an apparatus that's easy to set up regardless of the user's prior experience. This telescope is not only compact and durable but also designed for adventurers, ready to capture the universe's vast beauty in detailed colors and clarity.

Vespera II from Vaonis, the smart telescope that lets you experience the cosmos in ultra-HD

Vaonis has integrated cutting-edge technology into Vespera II, including algorithms that maximize photon collection from deep space, high-quality sensors, and exclusive live mosaic capture. This technology ensures detailed celestial images, even in light-polluted urban settings or during daylight using optional solar filters. Vespera II supports RAW 16-bit image files, perfect for post-observation editing. Its features like automatic initialization, pointing, tracking, and live auto-focus facilitate a seamless stargazing experience. The device also encourages social stargazing, allowing connection with up to 10 devices for shared celestial explorations.

Vespera II smart telescope key features

Vespera II smart telescope key features:

  • 5min. set up
  • Automatic pointing and tracking
  • Automatic image enhancement (live stacking)
  • Smartphone and tablet control
  • Up to 24 megapixels
  • 4,300 objects library
  • Observation programming
  • Live mosaic variable field of view (2.5° x 1.4° up to 4.3° x 2.4°)
  • Observe the moon, the sun, and eclipses
  • 50mm Aperture
  • 250mm Focal length
  • RAW image files and expert mode (TIFF,FITS, 16 bits, DARKS, exp -/+, gain -/+)
Vespera II can automatically align itself with your geographical position

Self-aligning feature

In just a few minutes, Vespera II can automatically align itself with your geographical position and recognize the celestial patterns overhead.

Automated target acquisition and pursuit

Select any celestial body from the extensive list available in the Singularity app or input your desired coordinates. Vespera II will swiftly locate and follow your chosen object.

Dynamic auto-focus

Maintain impeccably crisp images of stars, adaptable to any temperature shifts, thanks to Vaonis's unique technology that provides continuous auto-focus throughout your observation period.

Real-Time image optimization

Vespera II actively filters out inferior-quality shots, employing a method known as stacking, favored by seasoned astrophotographers. This process significantly improves image sharpness and clarity on the fly.

Vespera II specifications according to Vaonis

Vespera II specifications according to Vaonis

  • Aperture: 50 mm
  • Focal length: 250 mm
  • Focal ratio: 5
  • Lens design: apochromatic quadruplet with field corrector
  • Lens features: extra low dispersion lanthanum glass s-fpl52
  • Native field of view: 2.5° x 1.4°
  • Live mosaic field of view max: 4.3° x 2.4° or 3.25° x 3.25°
  • Sensor type: sony imx 585 (color)
  • Sensor definition: 3840 x 2160 (8.3 mega pixels)
  • Image definition with live mosaic mode: max. 24 mega pixels
  • Sensor format: 11.2 x 6.3 mm
  • Pixel size: 2,9 µm
  • Sampling: 2.390 arc sec.
  • Limiting magnitude: 16
  • Battery life: 4hrs (built-in)
  • External battery connection: yes
  • Storage: 25 go connector usb-c
  • Image format: jpeg, fits, tiff ( 16 bits raw image)
  • Expert mode: (capture calibration frames) yes
  • Size: 48 x 20 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Operating temperature: 0° to 40° c
  • Optional filters: solar, cls, dual band
  • Tripod: optional (see accessories)
  • Dew control: optional (see accessories)


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