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4/10/2024 2:09:18 PM
Luminous Pro 11 introduces deep space imaging capabilities
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Luminous Pro 11 introduces deep space imaging capabilities


Luminous Pro 11 introduces deep space imaging capabilities

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Luminos Pro, the all-in-one astronomy app for star gazing and 3D galaxy exploration, recently released its 11.0 update for iOS. Some of the updates include new features like Gaia DR3, Pulsars, new deep space images, improved searching, widgets, and much more.

Luminos Pro 11 brings the universe to your fingertips with its latest iOS update, offering enhanced star databases, weather forecasts for stargazers, and innovative eclipse tracking features. John Stephen, a key supplier of Luminos software, highlights the update’s commitment to improving user experience for both amateur and professional astronomers. With new widgets for planetary information, a comprehensive update to astronomical databases, and user-focused improvements, Luminos Pro 11.0 aims to make night sky exploration more accessible and rewarding than ever.

Key updates for the Luminos Pro 11 release

  • Expanded Star Databases: Enhanced with Gaia DR3, ATNF Pulsars, and the GCVS for an enriched stellar experience. Basic access includes 5 million Gaia stars and full Pulsar catalog; premium access extends to 250 million Gaia stars, with exclusive access to variable, double star systems, and detailed data.
  • Weather Forecast Integration: The Tonight menu now forecasts optimal stargazing conditions for the night and week ahead, exclusive to subscribers and All-Access Pass holders.
  • Eclipse Maps and Shadow-Chaser Enhancements: Ahead of the North American total eclipse, improvements include a sleeker design and intuitive navigation, with free access to past and future eclipse data and a real-time eclipse path experience via Apple Maps.
  • New iOS Widgets: Featuring phase, magnitude, and altitude data for the moon and planets, live sun images, and specific arrangements for Jupiter and Saturn, these widgets enhance the iOS home and lock screens for all users at no cost.
  • Additional Updates and Fixes: Includes options to disable animations, new time-stepping controls, a telescope visibility calculator, and updates to the exoplanet and Washington Double Star catalogs for more precise searches and fixes to various bugs for improved app performance and user experience.
  • Overall Enhancements: Luminos Pro 11.0 advances as a key tool for astronomy enthusiasts, incorporating user feedback to refine and introduce features for an unparalleled exploration of the cosmos.

Luminous Pro 11 deep space imaging capabilities

"The star databases have been updated with the addition of Gaia DR3, ATNF Pulsars, and the General Catalog of Variable Stars (GCVS), enriching your view of the stars with more accurate and comprehensive data. Free users can access the 5 million brightest Gaia DR3 stars and the Pulsar catalog, while paid users can access 250 million Gaia DR3 stars, plus variable stars and double star systems and detailed data pages," said John Stephen, a vendor for Luminos software

"I am excited to announce that the latest update to Luminos Pro, version 11.0, is now available in the App Store. Whether you are enjoying the free features or have unlocked the full potential of Luminos Pro through a subscription or an All-Access Pass, this update is for you at no additional cost, and brings a host of new features and improvements to enhance your astronomy experience," said John Stephen, a vendor for Luminos software

"In addition to the new features, the databases for exoplanets and Washington Double Star catalog have been updated, and searching is more responsive and accurate with improved results. This update also addresses several bugs and other flaws, including displaying comet appearance times correctly in the Tonight panel, improving the readability of object labels in the sky view, displaying spacecraft paths more precisely during high-motion events such as perihelion, providing useful feedback regarding telescope connection failures, adding missing translations, and perhaps most importantly, the altitude charts and tonight's best displays now show the upcoming day after 6:00 in the morning instead of having to wait until noon," said John Stephen, a vendor for Luminos software

"Luminos Pro 11.0 is a significant leap forward in providing amateur and professional astronomers with a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for exploring the night sky. Your feedback is invaluable, and I look forward to hearing about your experiences with this latest update," said John Stephen, a vendor for Luminos software


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