About ScopeTrader Astronomy News and Classifieds. Photo by RIchard Harris, founder

About ScopeTrader

Our mission: To grow the hobby of astronomy

At ScopeTrader, we envision a platform that stands out as a cornerstone for the astronomy community—a completely free resource designed to fuel the passion astronomers have for the night sky. 

ScopeTrader is more than a marketplace; we are a vibrant hub for news, discussions, astrophotos, classifieds, and a magazine, all managed by active members of the astronomy community.

Founded in 2001 by Richard Harris, an active astrophographer and gear head who operates the Ozark Hills Observatory, ScopeTrader is also a registered media company with the U.S. Library of Congress.

We make accessing astronomy gear available to everyone. We love astronomy and gear. Everyone involved in ScopeTrader is an advocate for a great resource to use that lets us all enjoy the cosmos.

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