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12/13/2023 1:44:01 PM
Galactic Stone Ironwork Meteorites
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Galactic Stone Ironwork Meteorites


Galactic Stone Ironwork Meteorites

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Explore the cosmos with Galactic Stone & Ironwork's meteorite offerings, including Canyon Diablo Crater Geology Kits, Moon Rock Disc Displays, and a diverse selection of premium meteorites—perfect for the holidays and cherished by space enthusiasts and stargazers alike."

Galactic Stone & Ironwork has announced that it has a large supply of meteorites available for the holiday season as well as new items including Canyon Diablo Crater Geology Kits and Moon Rock Disc Displays. These would make an ideal stocking stuffer for the space enthusiast, astrophotographer, backyard stargazer, or any astronomy fan.

Canyon Diablo Crater Geology Kit Boxed Set of Specimens Scope Trader

Canyon Diablo Crater Geology Kit, Boxed Set of Specimens

This boxed set of specimens features representatives of four distinct zones of the world-famous impact crater structure near Winslow Arizona. This massive crater is also known as “Canyon Diablo Crater”, “Barringer Crater”, and “Meteor Crater”. It is over a mile wide and represents the world’s best preserved impact crater. The interior and immediate surroundings of the crater were used by NASA to simulate off-world missions to places like the Moon and Mars.

In this set you get four (4) specimens : iron meteorite, Kaibab dolomite, Moenkopi mudstone, and Coconino limestone. Each represents a different layer of the crater and period of time. Each specimen is thumbnail-sized and large enough for study.

Each specimen comes in it’s own individually-labeled Gem Jar storage case. An informational key to the specimens is affixed to the inside lid of the storage box.

Moon Rock Disc Display

Moon Rock Disc Display

This display is a round acrylic case that holds a genuine piece of our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon (Image 2). The case can be opened and the sample removed for study. The front of the display shows a photo of the full moon and a cutout with a sample of lunar meteorite. The reverse side has information about the specimen and the locality where it was found.

This display is about the size of a US “silver dollar”, or approx. 1.57 inches in diameter (40mm) and is a nice palm-sized presentation of the Moon that you can carry in your pocket. The moon rock specimen is a micromount fragment that weighs approx. 20-25mg (.020 to .025g).

A Wide Variety of Meteorites

Explore the Diverse Range of Meteorites

Galactic Stone & Ironwork proudly presents a diverse collection of meteorites. Here's a glimpse into a selection of our offerings:

  • Premium uNWA Meteorites: Our UNWA (Unclassified Stone Meteorites) surpass the typical market quality. With fresh black crusts, aerodynamic shapes, and other aesthetic features, these meteorites stand out.
  • Junction City Georgia Meteorites: Recently fallen on September 26, 2022, the Junction City Georgia meteorite brings a sense of wonder, having traveled through space just a short time ago.
  • Gao Guenie Meteorites: Originating from a bright fireball explosion over Burkina Faso on March 5th, 1960, these H5 chondrites reveal an alternate impact melt breccia lithology in some specimens.
  • Tsarev Meteorites: Tied to a fall event on December 6, 1922, the Tsarev meteorite remained undiscovered until 1968. Classified as a L5 chondrite in 1979, it adds historical significance to our collection.
  • Ghadamis Meteorites: From a remote part of the Libyan desert on August 26, 2018, these meteorites, classified as HaH 346, were cataloged as a find due to the chaotic situation in Libya during that time.
  • Sidi el Habib Meteorites: Another recent fall on December 20, 2020, this meteorite, classified as a find, is intriguing for its unique feature – the presence of salt crystals, making it one of only three known meteorites with extraterrestrial salt crystals.
  • Various Recent Localities and Types: Explore meteorites like NWA 14420 (CVox3), NWA 5415 (How/Meso), NWA 13758 (Rumuruti), NWA 14930 (IMB), Sericho (rare etched siderite), among others.
  • Micromounts and Displays: Our collection also includes micromounts and displays featuring Murchison, Smokey Spring, and Berduc.

In addition to our meteorites, Galactic Stone & Ironwork offers an extensive range of rocks, minerals, crystals, gemstones, semi-precious stones, fossil flora and fauna, amber specimens, exotic natural materials, artifacts, and Genuine Trinitite (also known as atomsite, Alamogordo glass, or atom bomb glass). Explore the wonders of the universe and Earth's treasures with our exceptional offerings.


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