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4/18/2024 8:37:43 AM
Sidewinder telescope accessory mounting rings from Rouz Astro
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Sidewinder telescope accessory mounting rings from Rouz Astro


Sidewinder telescope accessory mounting rings from Rouz Astro

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Sidewinder auxiliary rings from Rouz Astro have been released, the telescope accessory mounting lightweight auxiliary rings allow you to attach a wide variety of accessories to telescopes. They are made of lightweight carbon fiber composite, featuring high resistance, customizable, and durable.

The Sidewinder Telescope Accessory Mounting from Rouz Astro is part of an innovative series of auxiliary rings crafted from a carbon fiber composite, renowned for its lightweight properties. These rings are designed to facilitate the attachment of various accessories, offering five points of connection on each ring.

Sidewinder rings from Rouz Astro: Modular accessory mounting

Despite their robustness, it's important to note that these rings are not intended for supporting a telescope like traditional tube rings, which are available separately. The Sidewinder system is versatile, allowing for either a single or double-ring configuration according to the user's needs.

Each ring features five points for attaching equipment

Each ring features five points for attaching equipment including:

  • A universal mounting socket for finder scopes (compatible with Synta-standard)
  • Slots for dovetail bars
  • The option for custom-sizing, with the capability to manufacture rings up to a diameter of 12.0 inches (approximately 304mm). Customers are encouraged to get in touch for custom sizes.
A variety of brackets are compatible with the Sidewinder rings

A variety of brackets are compatible with the Sidewinder rings, catering to a range of gadgets and accessories:

  • Mele Quieter Mini PCs
  • Several versions of the Pegasus Ultimate Power Box (UBPV2, UBPV3, including a top bracket variant for Mele PC)
  • Pegasus Powerbox Micro and USB Control Hub
  • Pocket Powerbox Advance 2 (PPBADV2)
  • Intel NUC (anticipated release)
  • BeeLink Mini PC
  • Optec Controllers for various constellations
  • ZWO ASIAIR models, requiring additional clamps or a universal mounting socket
  • WandererBox Controllers, with necessary bolts for installation
  • Standard mounting sockets compatible with Orion/Synta
  • Mounts for all-sky cameras, accommodating 1.25-inch camera holders

The materials used in the Sidewinder rings are of an engineering grade, consisting of a polymer and carbon fiber composite that is melded under high temperatures exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit, without the need for adhesives. This ensures a durable and reliable product that incorporates stainless steel nuts for the threads.

Specifications for the Sidewinder rings

Specifications for the Sidewinder rings:

  • Thread Size: M6Incorporation of five stainless steel thread points
  • Construction from Carbon Fiber composite using FDM Printing
  • Weight varies between 70 to 200 grams per ring, dependent on the ring's size
  • Exceptional resistance to UV light, moisture, and temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit)


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