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Galileo's Place is your one stop for Galileo refractor telescopes, reflector telescopes, and catadioptric telescopes as well as binoculars and assorted gadgets, gizmos and apparel. Galileo produces telescopes with the beginner to intermediate sky watcher in mind. We understand the concerns of the first time telescope user and develop our telescopes with these concerns in mind. All Galileo telescopes come with pre-assembled tripods as well as instructional videos for easy and quick setup of Galileo telescopes.

Additionally, Galileo telescopes include the Galileo Planetarium CD-ROM. With the Planetarium program you will be enable you to locate any object in the sky the first night with your telescope.

In the true tradition of Galileo Galilei, we are dedicated to enabling anyone and everyone to stand on this world and look to the next just as Galileo Galilei himself did. Because our telescopes are designed with "The Galileo Difference" you can be sure that quality optics is what you will be getting.