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Apertura was launched in 2011 by a passionate amateur astronomer committed to providing the best Dobsonian telescope for the value. Today that commitment to quality continues more vigorously than ever, with new products -- launched monthly -- that embody the same spirit and motivation that was present when the brand was born. Apertura exists to bring quality astronomy gear to the amateur astronomy community. Our team has over fifty years of collective experience buying, selling and recommending telescopes and accessories. Apertura incorporates the best of what we’ve seen work for amateur astronomers, and delivers it a price to value ratio that can’t be beaten! Known for the Apertura AD Dobsonian Telescope series we have expanded this offering to include multiple telescope lines, as well as a multitude of telescope accessory categories that include eyepieces, filters, guide scopes, finder scopes, cases, and mounting hardware. Our line is growing rapidly and we can’t wait for you to experience our products! Ultimately our philosophy is simple: if we can’t offer a better product, or one that provides a significant cost-to-performance ratio, we won’t put our name on it.

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