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4/25/2024 10:57:43 AM
Sharpstar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Reflector
Sharpstar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Reflector

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Sharpstar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Reflector

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The SharpStar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Telescope combines superior optical performance with ease of use and portability, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced astronomers aiming to explore the wonders of the universe.

The SharpStar 15028HNT, also known as the 150 mm f/2.8 Hyperbolic Newtonian Telescope, boasts an impressive f/2.8 focal ratio that promises super wide field images. Its hyperbolic primary mirror, crafted from a glass similar to Pyrex, significantly minimizes spherical aberration, a common challenge in many telescopes. Additionally, the telescope includes a built-in three-element air-spaced corrector within the 2.5" dual-speed rack & pinion focuser, which effectively reduces coma distortions, ensuring crisp, clear images across a wide 6º field of view.

One of the standout features of the 15028HNT is its high-quality construction. The optical tube assembly (OTA) is made from durable carbon fiber, offering lightweight strength, while the aluminum coatings applied to both the primary and secondary mirrors achieve an impressive 96% reflectivity. This design not only enhances the telescope's durability but also its portability. Weighing just 13.1 pounds and measuring only 18 inches in length, the 15028HNT is remarkably portable, making it an ideal companion for astronomers on the move.

Sharpstar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Reflector

The telescope is designed to produce a 44 mm image circle, accommodating full-frame imaging results that are sought after by advanced astrophotographers. It comes equipped with a large, 2.5" rack-and-pinion focuser that features both coarse and fine adjustment knobs. This focuser simplifies the process of achieving sharp focus with various cameras, including DSLRs, CMOS, and CCDs, thanks to its standard M48x0.75 thread.

Setting up the SharpStar 15028HNT is straightforward. The focuser's design allows for easy attachment of DSLR cameras using a 48 mm T-ring specific to the camera model. For those looking to enhance their setup, additional adapters and accessories are available for integrating an off-axis guider (OAG) or filter wheel into the optical chain.

The schematic diagram included with the 15028HNT details the positioning of the primary and secondary mirrors and the X-shaped strut that holds the secondary mirror. This one-piece metal strut ensures stability, maintaining the alignment of the optical elements even during extended observations or transport.


Sharpstar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Reflector specifications

Sharpstar 15028HNT Hyperbolic Newtonian Reflector specifications

  • SKU Number: SHS-15028HNT-RED
  • Model Number: 15028HNT
  • Telescope Series: Sharpstar HNT
  • Focal Ratio: f/2.8
  • Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Telescope Aperture: 150mm (5.9")
  • Telescope Mount Type: No Mount - OTA Only
  • Type of Electronics: OTA Only - No Electronics
  • Focal Length (mm): 420
  • Optical Coatings: Aluminum
  • Image Circle: 44 mm
  • Primary Mirror Type: Hyperbolic
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 12.7
  • Focuser Style: Rack & Pinion
  • Focuser Size: 2.5"
  • Focuser Speed: Dual Speed
  • Optical Tube Assembly Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Telescope OTA Outside Diameter (in.): 7.7
  • Telescope OTA Weight (lb.): 13.1 with stock accessories
  • Telescope OTA Length (in.): 18
  • Warranty: SharpStar - 1 Year


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