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Baader Planetarium – founded in 1966 by Claus Baader – is a middle sized enterprise having 50 years experience in producing and installing astronomical equipment.

More than 600 observatory domes of sizes from 2 m up to 8.5 m have been mounted, together with a large number of projection domes for planetarium installations up to 10 m in diameter. Observatory domes serve for a multitude of applications for scientific use around the world
specialized to work under the hardest of environments, with installations in Antarctica (Dome C - 84°C) to high Arctic regions such as Svalbard (NyAalesund -45°C), Ellesmere Island (Eureca -60°C),
in desert conditions with hermetic seals against dust and a number of high Alpine locations. Also the company specializes in high end robotic telescopes with apertures up to one meter as European sole distributor of Planewave Instruments USA, telescope mounts of varuious configurations, Echelle spectrographs featuring a resolution up to 20 000 lambda/delta lambda under Licence of MaxPlanck Institution(MPI).

Our customers are Institutions, Universities and  Observatories and companies around the world, among them AWI(Alfred Wegener Institute for polar research); MPI (Max Planck Institution), German Museum Munich; University of Hamburg (PIST-Project Mallorca), Open University UK (PIRATE-project Mallorca), and many others.

Visiting us

Unfortunately, we can not offer appointments for visits for information purposes. Our operation is not a retail store with regular opening hours

If you need general advice about Baader accessories or about our sales program of Celestron telescopes, we would like to ask you to contact our Baader or Celestron dealers. They have the competence to present our products, but especially our dealers have enough specially trained sales people.

We cannot and do not want to compete with our own dealers. We are product developers and here in Mammendorf our Baader products are assembled and tested. Unfortunately, we cannot take adequate time for sales or for intensive consultation on individual accessories.

If you would like to discuss a specific observatory project or the purchase of an observation dome, or if you would like to purchase a complete, coordinated telescope instrumentation of the brands Astro-Physics, TEC, 10Micron, Planewave, Andor, QHY or SBIG – or if you would like to get into professional spectroscopy, then we ask in any case for detailed information about your planning in advance (if necessary including construction plans), so that the respective specialist can arrange an appointment with you.

Our workshop capacity is designed to fulfill all special requests of our customers in connection with the purchase of comprehensive telescope equipment or an observatory dome. However, please understand that we cannot perform contract work and can only service and repair optical instruments that have been purchased from us.

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Baader Planetarium GmbH, Zur Sternwarte 4, D-82291, Mammendorf,



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