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Have You Seen a UFO? Share your unexplained sky sightings

Started by freeman on 6/7/2024 1:25:13 PM CST


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Posted 6/7/2024 1:25:13 PM CST

I understand this can be a divisive topic and that skepticism runs high, but it’s something we shouldn't overlook.

As avid astronomers, we dedicate countless hours to observing the night sky, especially on clear, starry nights. Although I’ve never witnessed what some refer to as a "UFO," I have friends who have encountered mysterious lights and objects in the sky that don't conform to known aircraft designs.

I'm not suggesting that these sightings are necessarily extraterrestrial in nature, but I remain open to all possibilities regarding what people may be observing.

I also recognize that many individuals hesitate to share their experiences, fearing ridicule, particularly in forums like this one. I believe this reluctance stifles honest and open scientific discussion.

Have any of you, or anyone you know within the astronomy community, ever spotted an unexplained object in the sky? If so, what did you observe?

Note: I am referring specifically to sightings of objects that defy conventional explanation, not just anything unidentifiable.


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Posted 6/12/2024 4:48:20 PM CST

This was about ten years ago.

One night, coming home from town (Springfield, Mo) and pulling into our driveway, I witnessed something I never could explain.

It was a completely silent object, silhouetting over in the night sky at around 5-8 degrees, and it seemed to be in a triangle shape. It was completely opaque, with no lights at all. It was just completely silent, completely dark, masking out part of the night sky as it moved along from North to South above my head, almost like a giant floating triangular-shaped balloon - but it was moving vertically.

I yelled at my wife to look, but it was already gone. I have never forgotten it.


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