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TheSkyX, Nina, KStars, or ASIAir?

Started by rharris on 6/24/2024 4:17:58 PM CST


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Loc: Mo, USA
Posted 6/24/2024 4:17:58 PM CST

After installing the new SB MX+ mount in my observatory, the realization of what to use / how to use has hit me. So I've been refreshing myself on Nina (remote domes use this I've rented), along with the SkyX.

I'm curious if anyone has a "recipe" for making TheSkyX / Nina feel a little bit more like the ASI Air workflow - primarily in the Goto --> plate solve --> correction --> start guiding side of things?

I know the SB mount requires "TheSkyX, no problem there - plus it controls my DDW dome nicely. And, I can use anything, but sometimes, the overall simplicity of the Air is nice.



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