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5/13/2024 8:05:06 AM
PiFinder telescope finder updates to include Sharpless and Abell
PiFinder telescope finder updates to include Sharpless and Abell


PiFinder telescope finder updates to include Sharpless and Abell

Monday, May 13, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

PiFinder's telescope finder latest release, v1.10.0, offers major upgrades, including two new catalogs: Sharpless and Abell, adding comprehensive celestial data for H II regions and planetary nebulae. Enhanced bug fixes and documentation make this a crucial update. PiFinder remains open-source and easy to access, with ready-to-ship units available.

PiFinder has just launched a major update, version 1.10.0, introducing two significant new catalogs and several bug fixes for improved performance. The Sharpless and Abell catalogs are the highlights, broadening PiFinder's functionality with comprehensive datasets.

PiFinder telescope finder updates to v1.10.0 - Sharpless and Abell catalogs and more!

Sharpless Catalog: The Sharpless catalog encompasses 313 emission nebulae, primarily north of declination -27°, providing a robust resource for tracking H II regions.

Abell Catalog: The Abell Catalog of Planetary Nebulae, created by George O. Abell, contains 79 verified planetary nebulae, enhancing the richness of your celestial searches.

Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced IMU flip detection code for accurate readings
  • Resolved issues with catalog object names and altitude filtering
  • Expanded "Nearby" filtering
  • Guaranteed catalog availability for inclusion


  • Clearer WiFi setup instructions
  • Full list of catalogs now included in the documentation

For more details on this release and update instructions, visit PiFinder's GitHub page. To explore or build a PiFinder unit yourself, head to PiFinder.io for kits and fully assembled units, delivered within 2-3 days. Make your next observing session even better with PiFinder!

Key features of PiFinder

Key features of PiFinder:

  • Simple Setup: Start observing right away by simply turning it on and pointing it at the sky.
  • Accurate Targeting: The onboard GPS handles location and time while a camera determines the scope's orientation. The Inertial Measurement Unit monitors movement, updating sky positions between camera calibrations.
  • All-In-One Functionality: Features built-in search and filtering, star charts, and push-to navigation, all accessible through its screen and keypad.
  • Dark-Site Friendly: An adjustable red OLED screen and softly backlit keys ensure minimal light pollution, even at the lowest brightness setting.
  • Easy Mounting: The unit mounts next to the eyepiece, just like a traditional finder scope.
  • WiFi Integration: Acts as a WiFi access point for syncing SkySafari or other software to your telescope.

Additionally, PiFinder is open-source hardware and software, allowing you to build or customize it yourself. Pre-assembled units, kits, and 3D printing files are available to make assembly easier.

Read more: https://www.pifinder.io


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