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4/21/2024 8:46:36 AM
SX2WL wireless telescope mount from Vixen
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SX2WL wireless telescope mount from Vixen


SX2WL wireless telescope mount from Vixen

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Vixen SX2WL equatorial telescope mount enhances stargazing and astrophotography with precise, automated tracking and smartphone control via the STAR BOOK Wireless app, making it an ideal tool for all astronomers.

The SX2WL equatorial mount from Vixen allows for precise and automated tracking of celestial bodies. With its innovative features such as smartphone integration through the STAR BOOK Wireless app, users can control and navigate the telescope with ease, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced astronomers seeking to explore the cosmos with greater accuracy and convenience.

Features of the SX2WL equatorial telescope mount from Vixen

The integration of smartphone control through the STAR BOOK Wireless app significantly simplifies the operation of the SX2 equatorial mount, allowing users to perform advanced celestial navigation functions. This upgrade not only provides automated slewing and continuous tracking of celestial bodies but also reduces power consumption by over 20% compared to traditional LCD displays, extending the duration of astronomical observations and photography sessions. This makes the system an indispensable tool for astronomers.

The STAR BOOK wireless app

The STAR BOOK wireless app

Building on the foundation of the STAR BOOK TEN Controller, the new STAR BOOK Wireless app introduces an intuitive touch interface. By selecting a celestial object on the app’s star chart, the telescope is automatically directed towards it, initiating tracking. This seamless integration ensures that even users familiar with the previous STAR BOOK TEN system can transition without any hassle, enjoying the same user-friendly experience.

The successor to the SX equatorial mount series features enhanced micro-step motion control via a pulser motor similar to those used in the SXD2 series. Upgrades from one to five bearings ensure smoother and more reliable operation. Moreover, a thoughtful redesign in the placement of heavy components along the right ascension axis enhances balance and reduces the need for additional weights. This mount also includes a dovetail connection for quick, tool-free setup of optical tubes, and for added security, a safety screw prevents detachment. The counterweight bar, made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, is retractable for easy setup and storage, compatible with the 20mm counterweights used in the SX series.

Vixen telescope SX2WL mount specs

Vixen telescope SX2Wl mount specs:

  • Specifications: SX2 equatorial mount
  • R. A. slow motion: Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whhole circle micro movement, dia. 72mm, brass
  • DEC slow motion: Worm and wheel gears with 180-tooth whhole circle micro movement, dia. 72mm, brass
  • Worm shaft: Dia. 9mm, made of brass
  • R. A. axis: Dia. 40mm
  • DEC axis: Dia. 35mm
  • Number of bearings: 5 pieces
  • Counterweight bar: Dia. 20mm stainless steel, retractable
  • Polar alignment scope (optional): Compatible with polar alignment scope PF-LII
  • Azimuth adjustment: Fine adjustments by double screws with knob, about 1.2 degrees per rotation, adjustable range ±7 degrees.
  • Altitude adjustment: Latitude adjustable between 0 degree and 70 degrees (divided into high, middle and low altitude zones) with 2 degree increments, and adjustable ±15 degrees per zone, fine adjustmentby tangent screw with knob, about 0.8 degrees per location.
  • Motor drive: Pulse motors with micro-step motion control (250pps)
  • Slewing / tracking: Automatic slewing by wireless unit with smartphone (free app), 1000x of sidereal rate at max slewing speed, high-precision tracking
  • Loading capacity: 12kg (300kg-cm torque load at 25cm from the cross point of the RA and DEC axes.)
  • Controller cable port: D-SUB 9 PIN male
  • Power port: DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4 Center-plus
  • Working voltage /. Electrical consumption: DC12V / 0.3~2.0A
  • Size: 343 x 360 x 128mm
  • Weight: Approx.: 7kg (excl. counterweight)
  • Counterweight: 1.9kg x 1
  • Optional accessories: SXG-HAL130 tripod, SXG half pillar, SXG-P85DX pillar, power supply
Vixen telescope SX2Wl wireless unit specs

Vixen telescope SX2Wl wireless unit specs:

  • Type of devices: WiFi mount controller unit
  • CPU: 32bit CISC Processor 120MHz
  • Controller cable port: D-SUB 9PIN male
  • Autoguider port: 6-pole 6-core modular jack (for external autoguider)
  • Wifi function: Using smartphone as a user interface with the app STAR BOOK Wireless
  • App operating environment: Supported OS: Android 6 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher* Wireless LAN standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n・Data encryption method: WPA2-PSK*Even if you meet the conditions, you may not be able to use it.
  • Please be sure to check the operation of the application before use.
  • Power supply: Supplied from the mount
  • Operating voltage / power consumption: DC12V / 0.1A (max)
  • Operating temperature: 0~40℃
  • Others: Version-up with wireless LAN


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