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5/14/2024 9:53:55 PM
EM31 Pro harmonic equatorial mount from EmCanAstro
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EM31 Pro harmonic equatorial mount from EmCanAstro


EM31 Pro harmonic equatorial mount from EmCanAstro

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

EmCanAstro recently unveiled the EM31 Pro Mount, an upgraded version of their original EM31 model. This new mount features improved torque, refined altitude adjustments, and adaptable mounting options, enhancing both observational and astrophotographic experiences for astronomers.

EmCanAstro launched the EM31 Pro mount with advanced upgrades to their original 2021 model. The EM31 Pro was designed to meet the specific needs of amateur astronomers and astrophotographers, featuring enhanced stability, ease of use, and precise tracking capabilities. This new model simplifies complex setups and alignments that typically challenge enthusiasts, making it an effective tool for capturing the cosmos with clarity and ease.

EM31 Pro harmonic equatorial mount from EmCanAstro

EmCanAstro's EM31 Pro harmonic equatorial mount is equipped with the OnStep system and both RA and DEC utilize 17-type harmonic reducers. It has a carrying capacity of 15kg without counterweights and 20kg with them. The mount features larger motors for increased torque and a one-piece housing design that enhances structural strength. A unique altitude adjustment mechanism allows for quick changes from 0 to 90 degrees without tools. It supports various modes and dovetail configurations and includes features like an integrated cable management system and a DSLR interface for simultaneous photography.

High payload capability

High payload capability:

The mount can support up to 15kg, featuring a 17 standard harmonic reducer on the RA axis for optimal performance. The torque force arm extends just 80mm from the RA axis to the dovetail, accommodating both LOSMANDY and Vixen dovetails through adaptation strips for a lower center of gravity.

Precision adjustment

Precision adjustment:

The mount includes a full latitude adjustment mechanism, allowing for precise 0-90 degrees positioning without extra tools. It utilizes a CNC fine pitch screw for minimal backlash, enhancing the delicacy and accuracy of adjustments.

3 operating modes

3 operating modes:

  • GEM mode
  • Alt/Az mode
  • Top mode

Portability and strength:

Weighing only 4kg, the EM31 Pro mount benefits from an integrated shell design optimized through CAE analysis to balance lightweight with structural integrity, achieving patent authorization.

Portability and strength


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