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5/15/2024 4:01:44 PM
ZWO AM3 unboxing and comparison to AM5
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ZWO AM3 unboxing and comparison to AM5


ZWO AM3 unboxing and comparison to AM5

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Sarah Mathews unboxes the ZWO AM3 harmonic drive telescope mount, highlighting its sleek design, precise tracking, and stability. She compares it to the AM5 model, noting the AM3's advantages in portability and ease of use. Mathews discusses the potential reasons behind the design choices, including the absence of a pass-through 12V output, and shares her experiences with powering similar devices.

Harmonic drive mounts are all the rage these days, as they make an excellent choice for astrophotography and observational astronomy due to their precise and reliable performance, plus their portability, mostly due to lack of a counterweight.

The AM3 mount from ZWO is no exception and definitely rings a bell with astrophotographers wanting to "drop and go" with their equipment. I personally own an AM5 and RST-300 for larger equipment.

Sarah Mathews recently released an unboxing and comprehensive overview of the ZWO AM3 harmonic drive telescope mount. She showcases its sleek, user-friendly design and highlights features like precise tracking and stability. Sarah also compares the AM3 to the AM5 model, noting the AM3's advantages in portability and ease of use.

Unboxing the ZWO AM3: A compact and efficient harmonic drive telescope mount

In the video, Sarah Mathews unboxes the ZWO AM3 Harmonic Drive Mount, a smaller and more portable version of the well-known AM5. The AM3 uses the same strain wave gear operation, allowing it to carry more weight and eliminate the need for balancing axes. Sarah compares the AM3 and AM5 carrying cases, noting the AM3's latches and lighter weight. She also demonstrates the AM3 setup with the quick start guide and explains its control options.

Like other strain wage mounts, the AM3 supports both Equatorial and alt-zimuth modes, has adjustable latitude and azimuth scales, but it can handle up to 13 kilograms (28.6 lbs) with a counterweight. It features a dovetail for M48 and Vixen-style dovetails and Bluetooth connectivity.

"I have a few theories as to why they didn't include the pass-through 12V Out. Size constraints, use cases for those who would be using this compared to the AM5, etc. I've powered my AM5 directly with the 12V AC to DC converter wall mount adapter to an extension cable to my house and then for the ASIAir I will sometimes power that through a portable battery. My portable battery is very small and about $150. But then again, the cost already rises right there. It will be interesting to see the use cases play out with this one. Thanks for stopping by and providing your input! Cheers," said Sarah.

ZWO AM3 Unboxing, Overview, and AM5 Comparison

About Sarah Mathews

Sarah Mathews is an astrophotographer and space enthusiast who runs a YouTube channel focused on astronomy and astrophotography. Her bio mentions her fascination with the final stages of a star's life, particularly planetary nebulae and stars. She also has a fondness for puns, regardless of their quality.

Some of her notable videos include:

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