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4/25/2024 12:29:52 PM
SV231 Fringe Killer Color Correction Filter from Svbony
SV231,Fringe Killer Color Correction,Filter,Celestial,Images,Svbony
SV231 Fringe Killer Color Correction Filter from Svbony


SV231 Fringe Killer Color Correction Filter from Svbony

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Russ Scritchfield Russ Scritchfield

The SV231 Fringe Killer Color Correction Filter from Svbony helps astronomers capture sharper celestial images, the advanced filter effectively reduces blue and infrared light, enhancing the clarity and contrast for observing finer details on planets and moons.

The SV231 1.25/2 inch Color Correction Filter enhances astronomical viewing by selectively blocking defocused light from the blue and infrared (IR) parts of the spectrum, commonly problematic in small achromat telescopes. This filter significantly reduces stray light, especially in the blue spectral range, without altering the natural color of the celestial objects, allowing for a clearer and more contrasted view of fine planetary details and lunar craters.

SV231 Fringe Killer Color Correction Filter from Svbony

This filter features high-quality, plasma-enhanced dielectric coatings that are scratch-resistant and waterproof. It effectively blocks near-infrared light up to 1150nm, making details on planetary surfaces clearer, especially when using CCD/CMOS cameras. The filter can be positioned before the focal point of the optical system for sharp, focal projections, suitable for digital cameras. These characteristics make it an invaluable tool for both amateur and professional astronomers seeking to improve their observational experiences.

SV231 specifications

SV231 specifications

Model  SV231 SV231
Filter Usage  Color Correction Filter Color Correction Filter
Type of Filter  Bandpass Bandpass
Size 1.25" 2"
Substrate Thickness 1mm 1mm
Clear Aperture 26mm 44mm
Wavelength Range 300-1200nm 300-1200nm
Blocking >OD2 >OD2
Peak transmittance >95% >95%
Surface Quality 60/40 60/40
Surface parallelism 1/2λ 1/2λ
Thread  M28.5x0.6 M48x0.75
Single Thread  Yes Yes
Net Weight 4.2g /0.15oz 9.9g /0.35oz


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