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6/24/2024 6:30:36 PM
Snake Mt Observatory tour
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Snake Mt Observatory tour

Monday, June 24, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Snake Mt Observatory tour with Nico from Nebula Photos. Michele detailed the history of her observatories, her transition to binoviewers, and her upgrade from a SkyShed Pod to a permanent roll-off shed for astrophotography.

Nico from Nebula Photos visited Dr. Michele Bayliss' observatory in Vermont, guided by Michele and her German Shepherd, Argos. Michele showed Nico around, beginning with the origins of her setup: a 16.5-inch Dobsonian telescope in a custom-built observatory on the third floor of her house.

As Michele shared the evolution of her observatory facilities on her property, I found the story particularly intriguing. Like Michele, I also have an observatory, built around 20 years ago on the roof of my house. 

The tour not only highlighted Michele’s dedication to astronomy but also underscored the shared experiences of astronomers who build their observatories, enriching their pursuit of stargazing and celestial studies.

What Dr. Bayliss said during the Snake Mt Observatory tour

She discussed her transition from visual astronomy to using binoviewers with the dob telescope, and her move from a SkyShed Pod to a permanent roll-off shed for astrophotography. Michele highlighted the community's support and her recent equipment upgrades, including transitioning to NINA software for better imaging capabilities. Many can also testify to her migration away from the ZWO AIR into NINA as well. 

Dr Michele Hernandez Bayliss is an amateur astronomer in Vermont

Dr. Michele Hernandez Bayliss is an amateur astronomer in Vermont

Michele employs several astrophotography techniques and has made specific equipment choices to optimize her setup. She uses an astrophysics mount paired with a Takahashi telescope, emphasizing the importance of precise alignment and stability for capturing clear images. Michele transitioned from using an ASI Air system to NINA software for more advanced control and automation. She values the support and advice from the astronomy community, which has helped her refine her techniques and equipment selections. Additionally, Michele emphasizes dark sky advocacy, actively working to preserve night skies for astronomy, reflecting her passion and dedication to the field.

Custom built roll off roof

Custom-built roll-off roof

Michele Bayliss's custom-built roll-off roof observatory was constructed to provide optimal conditions for her astrophotography. The design includes a roll-off roof for unobstructed sky views and easy access to her equipment. Michele worked closely with local builders who combined elements from other observatories and adapted plans to fit her specific needs. This setup allows her to efficiently use her astrophysics mount and Takahashi telescope, enhancing her imaging capabilities.

Watch the Snake Mt. Observatory tour by Nico


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