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5/11/2024 11:35:25 AM
SN2024ggi supernova captured using the TS ONTC 8 inch telescope
SN2024ggi,Astrophotography,Duncan Milburn,NGC 3621,Hydra constellation
SN2024ggi supernova captured using the TS ONTC 8 inch telescope


SN2024ggi supernova captured using the TS ONTC 8 inch telescope

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Duncan Milburn Duncan Milburn

Amateur astronomer Duncan Milburn captured an image of supernova SN2024ggi within the galaxy NGC 3621, in the Hydra constellation. Using his TS ONTC 8" Newtonian telescope and a ZWO ASI2600MC camera.

Amateur astronomer Duncan Milburn from Australia's Sunshine Coast captured a stunning image of the supernova SN2024ggi in the galaxy NGC 3621.

Taken on the nights of April 12th and 13th 2024, Milburn utilized his TS ONTC 8" Newtonian telescope paired with a ZWO ASI2600MC camera. The total exposure time was just about 2 hours.

SN 2024ggi is currently glowing at the southern end of mag+9.4 spiral galaxy NGC 3621 in the constellation of Hydra. The galaxy appears to lack a bright core like many other spirals, but there are 3 navigational bright-ish stars to help locate the SN.

SN2024ggi supernova capture details

The two-hour-long exposure, taken from his backyard observatory in Sunshine Coast, illustrates the glowing supernova nestled within the galaxy NGC 3621, which is located in the Hydra constellation. The galaxy, almost directly overhead at Milburn's latitude, required careful timing due to the constraints of his SkyShed Pod observatory dome.

SN2024ggi offers a view of a dying star's explosive death, making this image a significant contribution to astronomical observations from amateur astronomers. The details captured in the shot highlight the power of telescopes combined with modern astrophotography equipment.

SN2024ggi Duncan Milburn


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