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4/10/2024 2:11:01 PM
Rigel Systems William Optics REDCAT Focuser updates
Rigel Systems,William Optics,REDCAT,Focuser,Updates,nSTEP Stepper Motor
Rigel Systems William Optics REDCAT Focuser updates


Rigel Systems William Optics REDCAT Focuser updates

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Rigel Systems updated its REDCAT focuser with a flexible rubber gear ring for slip-free autofocus. The upgrade enhances precision across various setups with Tilta gear rings and a split gear kit, broadening compatibility and advancing astronomical gear.

The Rigel Systems stepper device for the William Optics REDCAT has been enhanced to offer superior functionality. This upgrade introduces a flexible rubber focusing gear ring, designed to easily wrap around the focus ring of a camera or telescope. This addition creates teeth for the gear, ensuring a secure connection with Rigel Systems' stepper motor, facilitating precise and slip-free focusing when used with the nSTEP stepper motor controller.

Updates to the Rigel Systems Focuser for William Optics REDCAT

Enhancements to the Rigel Systems Focuser for William Optics REDCATThe enhancement is part of Rigel Systems' range of solutions designed to equip telescopes and cameras with autofocus capabilities, specifically targeting devices with focus rings and helical focusers.

The revamped model for the William Optics REDCAT now features a Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Ring, ensuring a dependable grip on even the most resistant focus rings. The design allows for easy application over the focus ring of a camera or telescope, creating a gear-tooth interface with the stepper motor's drive gear for reliable focusing. The gear ring can be fitted over focus rings as long as the diameter of any front or back optical elements is less than or equal to that of the focus ring itself.

For additional camera and telescope compatibility, Rigel Systems offers Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Rings in various diameters, accommodating up to 92mm. To ensure a snug fit, it is recommended to select a gear ring one size smaller than the focus ring diameter. Details on acquiring these gear rings from Tilta can be found on the Rigel Systems website.


Results you can achieve with the nSTEP Stepper Motor

Results you can achieve with the nSTEP Stepper Motor

Moreover, Rigel Systems provides a Split Gear Kit for those with large-diameter focus rings or systems equipped with ADM or Losmandy rings. This alternative includes a split gear mechanism, limiting the focus range to about 300 degrees of rotation but offering compatibility with larger systems. The kit comprises a stepper motor, an ADM ring with a stepper motor bracket, and a single split gear.

"Our design philosophy is modularity - stepper and controller can easily be moved from one scope to another saving you money. Additional cameras/telescopes can be accommodated by purchasing appropriate diameter Seamless Focus Gear Rings which are inexpensive and available for focus rings up to 92mm diameter," said Dr. Leon Palmer of Rigel Systems.


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