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6/17/2024 10:39:09 AM
Quantum mechanics and the design of the universe
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Quantum mechanics and the design of the universe

Monday, June 17, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Physician and author Bo Kirkwood's latest book, A Purpose Driven God, uses science to demonstrate that the universe, Earth and mankind are intertwined in a way that is exquisitely fine-tuned and designed for our presence and survival.

Is there a purpose to the existence of people, or are human beings just a fortunate, accidental outcome of a very lucky sequence of events?

"For the secular materialist, we are all made of stardust and here by chance and chance alone, with no particular purpose. When we die, we will turn back into the stardust from whence we came, with no afterlife and no accountability," said physician and author Bo Kirkwood. His research, however, found something to the contrary: the universe is exquisitely fine-tuned, and it seems especially so for the existence of mankind. 

Quantum mechanics and the design of the universe

In his latest book, A Purpose Driven God, Dr. Kirkwood uses scientific concepts such as relativity and quantum mechanics as well as logic and reason to explore answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions - Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Why is there something and not nothing? - to help readers better understand and embrace humanity’s role in the universe.

"The answers to these questions are more than just academic; they are vitally important in forming our worldview," he said.

Dr. Kirkwood explains that purpose is found in physics, the biological world, the human body, and in mathematics, and all the physical constants that make up the fabric of the universe. In A Purpose Driven God, he shares compelling evidence that there seems, indeed, to also be some purpose for which humans have been placed on this earth.

"My book uses science to establish that the universe, Earth, and mankind are intertwined and demonstrate exquisite design and purpose - suggesting that the best explanation is an intelligent designer," he added.


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