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6/6/2024 9:16:56 AM
Astrophotography setups from $100 to $10000
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Astrophotography setups from $100 to $10000


Astrophotography setups from $100 to $10000

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Nico Carver, known as Nebula Photos on YouTube, explores a range of astrophotography setups in his video "Astrophotography from $100 to $10,000." He covers everything from DIY smartphone trackers to advanced telescope systems, discussing the pros and cons of each, and providing tips to help enthusiasts at all levels.

Nico Carver, also known as Nebula Photos on YouTube, has provided an in-depth look at various astrophotography setups in his video "Astrophotography from $100 to $10,000." He showcases a range of equipment from a DIY smartphone tracker to advanced setups with dedicated cameras and telescopes, discussing the pros and cons of each option. Emphasizing factors like affordability, setup time, and image quality, Carver offers valuable insights for both novice and experienced astrophotographers.

Nico Carver reviews astrophotography setups from $100 to $10,000 on Nebula photos

Nico begins by presenting a DIY smartphone tracker costing around $30. While affordable and quick to set up, this kit requires manual tracking and is limited to wide-angle shots. Despite these limitations, Nico demonstrates that even a smartphone can capture impressive images of the Milky Way. He then moves on to a more straightforward kit using a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a wide-angle lens, which provides better image quality but still demands some manual adjustments.

For those willing to invest more, Nico discusses a $500 setup that includes a star tracker for improved tracking and results. He highlights the advantages of using a Rokinon 135 f2 prime telephoto lens, known for its sharpness and value in astrophotography. Moving up to mid-range setups costing around $1,500, Nico introduces a versatile star tracker and telescope combination, showcasing detailed images of nebulae and star fields.

Finally, Nico delves into his personal high-end setup, featuring an EQ6R mount, QHY 268M mono camera, and StellarView SVQ 86 telescope. This sophisticated setup, though complex and expensive, offers exceptional tracking accuracy and image quality. Nico shares tips for managing such complex systems, including the importance of preparation, software management, and having backup plans.

Throughout the video, Nico compares the final images produced by each kit, noting the significant improvements in detail, star color, and contrast as the setups increase in complexity and cost. He encourages viewers to explore the detailed images and equipment lists he provides and invites them to join his Patreon community for additional content and support. Nicos' goal is to make astrophotography more accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts at every level.

Astrophotography setup contenders

Astrophotography setup contenders:

$100 "The DIY-er"

Nico introduces a budget-friendly setup using a smartphone with a DIY tracker. This simple and affordable option involves building a hand-turned tracker for about $30. Despite its limitations, including the need for manual tracking and a focus on wide-angle shots, this setup demonstrates that anyone can start astrophotography with minimal investment.

$500 "The Keepin' It Simple"

This setup uses a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a wide-angle lens and a star tracker. It offers better image quality and ease of use compared to the DIY setup. Carver emphasizes the importance of upgrading the kit lens for improved performance and combining it with a DIY barn door tracker for better tracking accuracy.

$1,500 "The Gateway Drug"

Moving into mid-range options, this setup includes a lightweight star tracker, a Rokinon 135 f2 prime telephoto lens, and a telescope. Carver showcases the detailed images this setup can capture, such as the Lagoon and Trifid nebulae. He also highlights the need for more complex setup procedures, including polar alignment and three-star alignment.

$2,500 "The Gettin' Serious"

Carver discusses a more advanced setup featuring a Sky Watcher EQM 35 mount, a modified Canon T7 camera, and various accessories like a dew heater and intervalometer. This setup, though bulkier and more complex, provides excellent tracking capabilities and detailed images, making it suitable for serious astrophotographers.

$10,000 "The Lifer"

For those fully committed to astrophotography, Carver presents his high-end setup with an EQ6R mount, a QHY 268M mono camera, and a StellarView SVQ 86 telescope. This sophisticated system, while expensive and complex, offers exceptional automation, narrow band capabilities, and superior image quality. Carver shares valuable tips for managing such setups, emphasizing preparation and software management.


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