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5/27/2024 7:03:31 AM
Astronomy camera sleeves launch from AstroCase
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Astronomy camera sleeves launch from AstroCase


Astronomy camera sleeves launch from AstroCase

Monday, May 27, 2024

Russ Scritchfield Russ Scritchfield

AstroCase, a new line of protective cases for astrophotography cameras, offers enhanced safety and customization for valuable gear. The Astronomy camera sleeves were Inspired by a personal mishap, AstroCase aims to prevent accidents and provide additional benefits like sun protection and color customization. Discover the innovative solutions and models available now.

AstroCase, a new line of cases designed specifically for astrophotography cameras, has launched. This case/covering product was inspired by a mishap a few months ago when a guide camera fell and broke during the founder's adjustment session in the field. This unfortunate incident spurred the creation of AstroCase, which is aimed at preventing such accidents and offering additional benefits.

AstroCase: Astronomy camera sleeves to protect your investment

AstroCase cases offer protection from sun exposure, enhanced safety against breakage from falls, and customizable colors to match other gear. The launch lineup includes four distinct cases:

  • AstroCase 2600 ($75): Fits the ZWO ASI2600MM/MC.
  • AstroCase 120/174 ($30): Fits the ZWO ASI120MM-Mini and ZWO ASI174MM-Mini.
  • AstroCase 533Q ($75): Fits the QHY 533M.
  • AstroCase MiniQ-1 ($30): Fits the QHY 5iii v1.

The AstroCase 2600 and AstroCase 533Q models feature robust PETG outer shells paired with flexible TPU inner sleeves for maximum protection. The AstroCase 120/174 and AstroCase MiniQ-1 are made from durable PETG material. Additionally, cases designed for guide-cameras include swappable nose pieces and rings, allowing for easy installation in standard guide-cam configurations.

Currently, AstroCase products are available exclusively at Miscellaneous Nerdery, though efforts are underway to expand availability through various global vendors. The company is also actively developing cases for additional camera models, ensuring a broad range of protection solutions.

15% discount code: CNIntro15

As a special introductory offer, a 15% discount code, CNIntro15, is available for purchases of in-house products through the end of May. AstroCase cases are designed, manufactured, and shipped in the USA.

AstroCase 533Q Camera Case Fits QHY 533M

AstroCase 533Q Camera Case - fits QHY 533M

AstroCase MiniQ 1 Camera Case fits QHY 5iii v1

AstroCase MiniQ 1 Camera Case - fits QHY 5iii v1

AstroCase 120 174 Camera Case fits ASI120 174MM Mini

AstroCase 120 174 Camera Case - fits ASI120 174MM Mini


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