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4/25/2024 10:57:42 AM
ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel
ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel
ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel

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ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

The ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel was designed for seamless integration with both monochrome and color camera setups, ensuring precise control over your imaging filters.

The ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel enhances astrophotography by allowing for easy switching between different 2" filters, improving detail and contrast in images. It supports up to five 2" mounted or 50.4mm unmounted filters and is compatible with monochrome and color imaging setups. Integration is seamless with ZWO's cameras and control systems like ASIAIR and ASCOM, ensuring efficient operation and control via PC or WiFi.

Installation and use of the ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel

  • Capacity and Compatibility: Holds five 2" or 50.4mm filters, fitting LRGB or SHO filter sets.
  • Control Features: Managed via USB 2.0; compatible with ASIAIR and ASCOM for easy control and automated filter changes.
  • Easy Setup: Connects directly to ZWO APS-C and Full-Frame cameras; includes necessary adapters for standard backfocus settings.
  • Direct Installation: Simple assembly using included screws, with a direct attachment to cameras or OAG-L.
What is included with the ZWO EFW

What is included with the ZWO EFW

The ZWO 5 Position Electronic Filter Wheel comes with a range of accessories to ensure versatile integration into various setups. The package includes two M54 to M48 threaded adapters-one standard and one flanged for additional 2mm spacing-as well as an M54 to M42 adapter ring. To enhance connection stability and minimize light leaks, darkening rings are provided. Also included are M2.5 screws for direct attachment to compatible cameras, M2 screws, and filter masks for securing unmounted filters. A screwdriver and a USB 2.0 cable are also provided for easy setup and connectivity.

ZWO EFW specifications

ZWO EFW specifications

  • Filter Slots: 5
  • Filter Sizes Supported: 2" mounted thread-in filters, 50.4mm +/- 0.5mm unmounted filters
  • Filter Thickness Supported: Threaded filters with a housing shorter than 7.5mm above the threaded section
  • Back Spacing Added By Filter Wheel: 20mm
  • Front Connection: M54, ZWO OAG-L direct connection holes
  • Rear Connection: M54, ZWO camera direct connection holes
  • External Power Required? No
  • Data Interface: USB-B 2.0
  • Weight: 500g


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