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6/20/2024 11:08:24 AM
WARPDRIVE WD-20 mount from WarpAstron
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WARPDRIVE WD-20 mount from WarpAstron

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The WD-20 high-load harmonic drive mount, utilizing Servo Direct Drive technology, offers a load capacity of 50NM without a counterweight. Ideal for heavy equipment like 130APO, 150APO, and C11, it ensures excellent guiding performance. The new design with a high power density servo motor keeps its weight at just 12lbs.

The harmonic drive race is full-steam-ahead, and the WD-20 mount is focused in on being a high-load harmonic drive mount, utilizing Servo Direct Drive technology. It offers a standard load capacity of up to 50NM (Newton meters, about 36 lbs) without needing a counterweight, making it capable of handling heavy equipment such as the 130APO, 150APO, or C11 with optimal guiding performance.

WARPDRIVE WD-20 harmonic drive mount

The newly designed main body incorporates a high power density servo motor, significantly enhancing load capacity while maintaining a weight of just 5.4 kg (9.7 lbs).

Both axes feature home sensors, simplifying remote control and observatory astrophotography.



Equatorial Mount Type German Equatorial Mount / Altazimuth Mount
Reducer RA: 20-120 Harmonic Drive DEC: 17-100 Harmonic Drive
Motor Type Brushless DC Servo Motor (BLDC)
Transmission Mode Motor Shaft Direct Drive
Maximum Load 22kg (Without counterweight) / 30kg (With counterweight)
Weight 5.4 kg (Including dovetail plate)
Material 6061 Aluminum Alloy, 304 Stainless Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS)
Surface Treatment Anodizing and Anti-Rust Coating
Brake Protection Right Ascension Axis Electromagnetic Brake (Brake Torque ~45Nm)
Adjustment Range Altitude: 0 to 90 degrees Altitude Fine Adjustment: 30 degrees Azimuth Fine Adjustment: +/- 8 degrees
Control System OnStep
Hand Controller Wire/Wireless, Rechargeable Battery, Charging Power 5V 1A
Communication Protocol ASCOM, INDI, LX200 etc.
Communication Interface USB Type-C
Guiding Interface ST4 (USB Type-C)
Wireless Communication Bluetooth/WIFI
Power Supply 12V 5A 5.5*2.1mm
Power Consumption Standby 0.3A, GOTO 1~2A
Electrical Protection Overcurrent Protection, Surge Protection


High-precision servo motor direct drive

  • The Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (DEC) axes are driven by servo motors equipped with high-precision encoders. This configuration ensures high positioning accuracy, silent operation, and eliminates drawbacks such as vibration and stepping that can occur with traditional stepper motor-driven systems.
  • The motor shafts are rigidly connected to the harmonic input for direct drive, without the need for additional belts or planetary gear reduction mechanisms. This design eliminates issues associated with belt aging, tension variations, and backlash problems that can occur with planetary gear reducers, ensuring consistent precision.
High load capacity

High load capacity

  • Standard load capacity up to 50NM (Newton meters, about 36 lbs) without using a counterweight.

Lightweight and portable

  • The equatorial mount itself has a weight of 5.4 kg, including the dovetail plate, supporting both Vixen and Losmandy styles.
Full altitude adjustment

Full altitude adjustment

  • Supports Full 0° to 90° altitude adjustment with 30° range per step for coarse adjustment.
  • Alt-azimuth mode at 90° altitude, mode switching via Hand Controller .


  • Built-in GPS Positioning Module, Supports Multiple Positioning Systems such as GPS and BeiDou.
  • Automatic Date, Time, and Location Setting at Startup

WarpAstron WD-20 capacity

WarpAstron WD 20 Capacity


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