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5/22/2024 4:24:06 PM
Telescope cable management solved with PrimaLuceLab GHOST mode
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Telescope cable management solved with PrimaLuceLab GHOST mode


Telescope cable management solved with PrimaLuceLab GHOST mode

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

At NEAF 2024, PrimaLuceLab unveiled groundbreaking innovations in astrophotography, including the revolutionary GHOST mode. This new feature enables Wi-Fi connectivity, eliminating USB cables and simplifying setups. Demonstrations showcased wireless control of various devices, promising a streamlined and automated experience for astrophotographers.

At the 2024 Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) held in the United States, PrimaLuceLab representatives Filippo and Tom showcased their latest advancements in astrophotography technology, focusing on the innovative GHOST mode. This cutting-edge feature offers Wi-Fi connectivity, effectively replacing all USB cabling for PrimaLuceLab devices and significantly simplifying the setup process for astrophotographers.

PrimaLuceLab unveils GHOST mode for telescope cable management, plus new astrophotography devices at NEAF 2024

During their presentation, the PrimaLuceLab team demonstrated a fully functional telescope setup utilizing several of their devices, including the ESATTO electronic focuser, ARCO rotator, GIOTTO intelligent flat field generator, and ALTO motorized focuser. All these devices were controlled seamlessly through the new EAGLE 5 controller, highlighting the efficiency and ease of a cable-free setup.

One of the standout demonstrations was the wireless setup for Celestron's EdgeHD telescope. This setup featured a new rigid dew hood and longer bars for ALTO focusers, all of which were fully robotically controlled and automated using PrimaLuceLab's EAGLE device. This demonstration underscored the potential for streamlined, automated astrophotography workflows, promising significant benefits for both amateur and professional astronomers.


GHOST mode replaces USB cables of PLL devices with a wireless connection

GHOST mode replaces USB cables of PLL devices with a wireless connection

Filippo and Tom concluded their presentation by expressing their hope for clear skies for all astrophotographers. They also highlighted other PrimaLuceLab products, including the EOSINOS Spectrograph, Lodestar guide camera, and the GHOST imaging system, which boasts the new GHOST mode designed for extreme low light conditions. Furthermore, they teased the upcoming release of the GHOST 2 system, signaling continued innovation in astrophotography technology.

PrimaLuceLab's participation at NEAF 2024 has clearly illustrated their commitment to advancing the field of astrophotography, providing enthusiasts and professionals with cutting-edge tools to enhance their stargazing and imaging experiences.


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