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5/28/2024 11:05:27 AM
Southern Maine Astronomers 2024 event schedule
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Southern Maine Astronomers 2024 event schedule


Southern Maine Astronomers 2024 event schedule

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Russ Scritchfield Russ Scritchfield

Southern Maine Astronomers (SMA) have announced their 2024 Star Party schedule, inviting everyone from beginners to experts to join their stargazing events across Maine. With locations in recognized Dark Sky Sanctuaries, these events promise exceptional views of the night sky. Stay updated on our website for schedules and details.

For those living in or visiting Maine, Southern Maine Astronomers (SMA) have unveiled their highly anticipated 2024 Star Party schedule. These events welcome everyone, from beginners to seasoned astronomers. The SMA website also features schedules and information about astronomy events across Maine, including those held in recognized Dark Sky Sanctuaries, offering exceptionally dark skies perfect for stargazing.

Southern Maine Astronomers (SMA) Announce 2024 Star Party Schedule

Weather Contingency: All plans are subject to change based on weather conditions. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates.

Volunteer Sign-Ups: Forms for volunteering will be available on our website once events are posted.

Event Format: Field events will feature informal and interactive talks rather than formal presentations, emphasizing in-person and hands-on learning experiences.

Partnerships: We aim to partner with other groups to encourage broader participation in our events.

Volunteer Support: Volunteers will arrive approximately one hour before the scheduled start time to assist with setup and answer questions from newcomers.

Our star parties feature a diverse range of observing equipment, including EAA scopes like Seestar and Unistellar, large SCTs, refractors, binoculars, and a large Dobsonian.

June 15, 8 PM - Location TBD: Moon and the Summer Skies

  • Rain Date TBD
  • Newbie telescope setup, alignment, and collimation.
  • Volunteers arrive at 6 PM.

July 20, 8 PM - Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth, ME: Star Clusters

  • Rain Date: July 27
  • Star hopping and finding objects in the night sky.

August 24, 8 PM - Cumberland Library w/Library Ice Cream Social, Cumberland, ME: Nebulae

  • Rain Date: August 31
  • Introduction to Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) and Smart Telescopes.
  • Using filters for observing.

September 21, 7 PM - Bug Light Park, South Portland, ME: Various Topics

  • Rain Date: September 28
  • Preserving Dark Skies and using astro software for finding objects and telescope control.

October 5, 6 PM - Mitchell Field w/Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, Harpswell, ME: Various Topics

  • Rain Date: October 6
  • Focus on Preserving Dark Skies.

November 16, 6 PM - Eastern Prom, Portland, ME/Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth, ME/Bug Light, South Portland, ME (TBD): Planets are Back in the Evening Sky!

  • Rain Date: November 23
  • Observing planets and selecting targets from catalogs like Messier.
  • Join us for an exciting year of stargazing and astronomical exploration. Whether you're setting up your first telescope or are an experienced observer, our star parties offer a welcoming environment for all astronomy enthusiasts.


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