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5/13/2024 7:59:07 AM
Measure light pollution with this new sky glow meter
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Measure light pollution with this new sky glow meter

Light Pollution

Measure light pollution with this new sky glow meter

Monday, May 13, 2024

Russ Scritchfield Russ Scritchfield

The Sky Glow Meter is a handheld device that measures night sky darkness, delivering reliable values up to 21.5 mpsas. With a rechargeable battery offering 12 hours of use, a 20° directional lens for precise targeting, and USB connectivity for compatibility with PC software, it's calibrated to ensure accurate data for amateur astronomers.

Measuring light pollution involves assessing how much artificial light affects the darkness of the night sky, which can interfere with our view of stars and impact ecosystems.

A new handheld device that measures night sky darkness with high precision, providing reliable readings up to 21.5 mesas (magnitude per square arc-second), is now available from a seller on eBay located in Italy.

The built-in 20° lens ensures directional measurements, allowing you to focus on specific sky regions. The Sky Glow Meter was inspired by the popular SQM-L, and uses the TSL2591 sensor to provide precise sky brightness readings. This hobby project incorporates a black PLA 3D-printed body and a 20° lens for directional measurements, ensuring accurate readings.

Key features include:

  • Rechargeable Battery: Delivers over 12 hours of continuous operation, making it perfect for long observation sessions.
  • USB Connectivity: Compatible with SQM Reader Pro and APT, connecting via a USB-mini cable for direct communication with a PC.
  • Calibration: Each unit is calibrated to ensure accurate data, easily comparable with other SQM values.
Item size

Item size

The compact device measures 30 x 54 x 105 mm and offers an accurate and affordable way to assess light pollution and sky darkness. Learn more about this innovative tool here: Sky Glow Meter.


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