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Wilhelm Swarovski, the founder of the company, saw nature as a refuge, a source of inspiration, and an experimenting ground for new products. “Habicht” in German does not only refer to the “Northern Goshawk”, a majestic bird of prey with the sharpest eyesight, but also the name of an iconic mountain in the Stubai Alps – the perfect symbol of what makes SWAROVSKI OPTIK so special. Keeping a keen eye on the highest quality at all times means surprising the firm’s customers again and again, surpassing their expectations with beautiful products, precision engineering, and attention to detail. This requires a coherent overall combination of looks, functionality, ergonomics, design, and service.

Since its foundation in 1949, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has celebrated high quality awareness as an important pillar of its corporate philosophy. Long before terms such as Kaizen, continuous improvement or lean management were considered helpful management methods, the SWAROVSKI OPTIK team was already committed to optimizing the quality of its products in precisely this sense.

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