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5/7/2024 12:04:17 PM
UMi17 strain wave mounts from Skyoptikst
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UMi17 strain wave mounts from Skyoptikst


UMi17 strain wave mounts from Skyoptikst

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The UMi 17 and UMi 17 Lite Strain Wave Equatorial Mounts offer advanced harmonic drive technology for astrophotography. With payloads up to 20 kg, they provide USB/Wi-Fi control and compatibility with HEQ5/EQ3D tripods. Starting at $1400, both mounts simplify setup for astronomers seeking precision and versatility.

Skyoptikst has introduced its UMi 17 and UMi 17 Lite Strain Wave Equatorial Mounts, a harmonic drive mount designed to deliver precision and stability. Compatible with the Skywatcher HEQ5 and EQ3D tripods, this cutting-edge mount supports astronomical imaging software such as ASIAR, NINA, and Kstars, offering seamless control via USB and Wi-Fi.

UMi 17 Lite Strain Wave Equatorial Mount from Skyoptikist

The UMi 17 Lite mount will be available in early November for $1400, inclusive of the AZ base. The price covers air freight to most global destinations, including Europe and the Americas, and takes care of tariffs, value-added tax, and consumption tax. This comprehensive package aims to simplify the purchasing process, allowing astrophotographers to focus on capturing the cosmos.

Specifications of the Umi 17 vs the Umi 17 Lite

Specifications of the UMi 17 vs the UMi 17 Lite

Key specifications include a substantial payload capacity of 13 kg, extendable to 20 kg with a counterweight, making it suitable for a broad range of astrophotography setups. It can be directly connected to Skywatcher HEQ5/EQ3D tripods, while other tripods require an adapter.


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