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5/6/2024 7:16:21 PM
Telescope balance clamp and weights from Rouz Astro
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Telescope balance clamp and weights from Rouz Astro


Telescope balance clamp and weights from Rouz Astro

Monday, May 6, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Rouz Astro Telescope Balance Clamp & Weight is crafted from carbon composite and was designed for precise balance adjustments on Vixen and Losmandy mounts, this system includes stackable stainless steel weights, enhancing stability for clearer celestial observations.

Rouz Astro has recently launched its latest product, the Telescope Balance Clamp and Weight System, designed to enhance the precision and functionality of telescope setups. This new offering features heavy-duty clamps crafted from a carbon composite material, making them both durable and lightweight. These clamps are specifically designed to adjust the balance point of telescopes, allowing users to shift it either forward or backward along the mount.

Fine-tune your telescope’s mounting balance with Rouz Astro's telescope balance Clamp and weight

Compatible with both Vixen and Losmandy dovetail systems, the Rouz Astro clamps offer flexibility in weight configuration. For the Vixen type, users can attach either one or two weights, while the Losmandy type supports the same. Additionally, there's a heavy-duty option for the Losmandy type, accommodating up to six weights, providing even greater stability and balance customization.

Each clamp set includes one 200-gram stainless steel weight, with the option to purchase additional weights if needed. These weights are stackable, providing users the convenience of increasing the mass without altering the setup drastically.

The Rouz Astro Telescope Balance Clamp and Weight System is designed for those who require precise adjustments to their telescope’s balance, enhancing overall observation stability.

Position them anywhere on your telescopes dovetail either Vixen or Losmandy type

Select the number of weights and position them anywhere on your telescope’s dovetail, either Vixen or Losmandy type:

  • Vixen Type Clamp: 1 or 2 weights
  • Losmandy Type Clamp: 1 or 2 weights
  • Heavy Duty Losmandy Type: Up to 6x weights
  • All versions come with 1 x weight included.




  • Stackable stainless steel weights (200 grams each)
  • Engineering grade, Carbon Fiber composite FDM print  material 


Included with balance clamp and weight

Included with balance clamp and weight:

  • 1x Carbon Composite FDM print clamp with aluminum allow knob
  • 1x Stainless Steel Counterweight  (add extra if needed)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware


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