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6/11/2024 4:16:19 PM
Remote telescope hosting from Starfront Observatory
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Remote telescope hosting from Starfront Observatory

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Remote telescope hosting from Starfront Observatory

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Starfront Observatory, located in the heart of Texas, offers remote telescope hosting with three tiers of pier reservations: Lite (up to a 4" refractor or 10" reflector), Standard (up to a 5" refractor or 14" reflector), and Heavy (up to a 6" refractor or 17" reflector). The facility provides dark skies and advanced infrastructure for astronomers.

The Starfront Observatory, located in Texas, offers remote telescope hosting services with three tiers of pier reservations for different telescope sizes. The observatory provides optimal conditions for astronomical observations with advanced infrastructure and dark skies.

Features of remote telescope hosting:

  • Telescopes: Accommodates up to a 17" reflector or 6" refractor.
  • Imaging technology: Equipped with advanced CCD cameras for precise imaging.
  • Data processing: Utilizes powerful computer systems for data analysis.
  • Educational Programs: Digital learning experiences with industry leaders.
  • Research support: Collaborates with various research institutions.
Pricing and site specifics

Pricing and site specifics

  • Address: Starfront Observatories 1724 County Rd 244
    Rockwood, TX 76873
  • Public Viewing Hours: No public viewing hours but we do allow scheduled customer drop off of equipment
  • Educational Tours: No educational hours other than those of the online meetups we post on our site
  • Visitor Center Hours: Visitors not allowed on site
  • Lite Pier: $199/month (up to 4" refractor or 10" reflector)
  • Standard Pier: $299/month (up to 5" refractor or 14" reflector)
  • Heavy Pier: $399/month (up to 6" refractor or 17" reflector)
  • Setup Fee: The equivalent of one month’s rent for whichever size pier you choose
Onboarding guidelines

Additional facts

  • Altitude: Situated at an optimal altitude for clear sky observations.
  • Staff: Operated by a team of experienced astronomers and technicians.
  • Observation Time: Provides extensive observation time annually for various purposes.
  • Weather monitoring: Equipped with a weather station for optimal viewing conditions.
  • Sustainability: Utilizes renewable energy sources to minimize environmental impact.
FAQs for the Starfront Observatory

FAQs for the Starfront Observatory

What is Starfront Observatory?

Starfront Observatory offers remote telescope hosting services in Texas, providing optimal conditions for astronomical observations.

What are the hosting options?

There are three tiers: Lite ($199/month), Standard ($299/month), and Heavy ($399/month).

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, a one-time setup fee of $299.

How do I reserve observation time?

Reservations can be made through the online booking system.

What is included in the hosting service?

High-speed internet, power, and remote access to your equipment.

For more detailed information and updates, visit their official website or view the full video review by a popular YouTuber below. Bray Falls tours the observatory including the construction in progress, and explains more of the methodology behind the observatory, and a breakdown of the basics for what is required for remote observing.


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