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5/8/2024 12:58:18 PM
Build your own binoculars with the Analog Sky Magic kit and course
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Build your own binoculars with the Analog Sky Magic kit and course


Build your own binoculars with the Analog Sky Magic kit and course

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

The Analog Sky Magic Kit and course invite space enthusiasts of all ages to build their own binoculars for stargazing adventures. With step-by-step video instructions and customizable kits, this DIY project blends education and exploration. Access lifetime support, upgrade options, and a truly unique gift.

Analog Sky has launched the Magic Kit and course, offering astronomy enthusiasts the unique opportunity to build their own stargazing binoculars. The program combines video instruction with easy-to-use kits, making this DIY adventure accessible and stress-free.

Analog Sky's Magic kit and course: Build your own stargazing binoculars

  • Purchase the Course - Gain access to comprehensive instructional videos.
  • Get the Supplies - Choose between fully stocked kits or links to individual parts.
  • Follow Along - Learn step-by-step through clear, engaging video tutorials.
  • Explore the Cosmos - Start your astronomical journey with your custom-built binoculars.
  • The video course simplifies the construction process with step-by-step guides, ensuring learners can confidently assemble their binoculars. Each video is fully captioned with a searchable transcript, providing clarity throughout the process.


3D print or order parts for your customized build

3D print or order parts for your customized build

  • If you own an FDM 3D printer, you can print all the plastic parts for the Magic Kit yourself using around 1.25 kg of PETG filament. Choose your color to give your binoculars a personalized look!
  • For those without an FDM 3D printer, Analog Sky offers the option to order the parts directly from them or through a third-party provider, allowing you to customize the color while still creating your unique binoculars. The course also guides you through this ordering process.

3D printing requirements:

  • Your printer needs a minimum build volume of 7x7x7" (175x175x175mm) and should be capable of PETG printing (240°C hotend and 75°C bed). Note that Magic is not designed or tested for other engineering filaments, resin printers, or high-speed printing.
Kits and components available

Kits and components available

  • Full Kits: Contain 3D-printed parts, optics, hardware, and all necessary supplies. They are available to those who purchase the course and offer color customization options. The course includes recommendations for compatible tripods.
  • Component Kits: For those who prefer assembling their kits over time or 3D-printing their own parts, component bundles offer standalone optical and hardware pieces. Students can choose between giftable combos or purchase access to the course with a self-print kit.
  • The Magic Kit and course cater to various preferences, helping enthusiasts create their own path to the stars. Whether you’re looking for a rewarding personal challenge or an out-of-this-world gift, this kit promises hours of discovery and fun.
Budget friendly building

Budget-friendly building

Craft your binoculars at your own pace with no payment plans. With many components priced under $20, the course offers both budget and premium upgrade recommendations. High-quality lenses and eyepieces can be added at any time, ensuring flexibility.

What's included:

  • Lifetime Course Access: Keep learning and refining your skills.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Decals: Mailed directly to your home.
  • Free Upgrades: Access future course improvements for free.
  • Online Support: Help is available for each lesson.
  • Development Participation: Contribute to building bigger binoculars!

Cost breakdown

Prices include typical U.S. shipping costs:

  • Optics: $80 (standard) to $150 (upgrade)
  • Entry-Level Eyepieces: $72 per pair
  • 3D Printing: $150-$250 (ordered), $40 (self-print)
  • Hardware: $82
  • Tools/Supplies: $50
  • Optional Laser: $44
  • Tripod/Video Head Combo: $80
  • Complete Kit: $514 ($558 with laser)



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