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6/5/2024 8:09:32 AM
The problem with astrophotography
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The problem with astrophotography


The problem with astrophotography

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Russ Scritchfield Russ Scritchfield

Bray Falls addresses the challenges faced by astrophotographers in accessing dark skies, essential for high-quality images. Recognizing the high costs of suitable locations, Falls introduces Starfront Observatories, a remote observatory service designed to make astrophotography affordable and accessible to all.

In a recent presentation, Bray Falls explores the significant challenges faced by astrophotographers in consistently accessing dark and clear skies, which are essential for producing high-quality images. The discussion highlights that dark skies are not easily accessible to everyone due to the high cost associated with owning or renting a property that provides suitable sky visibility. Falls reflects on his own privilege of having grown up with a backyard suitable for astrophotography, acknowledging that many enthusiasts do not have this advantage.

Starfront Observatories: Making astrophotography accessible to all

The impracticality of traveling to dark locations for regular astrophotography sessions is also discussed. Investing in expensive gear only to use it sporadically is not feasible for most. Recognizing this issue, Falls and his colleagues are developing a solution aimed at democratizing access to dark skies. Their ambitious project, Starfront Observatories, is set to launch as a remote observatory service designed to be affordable and accessible, even to those with smaller telescopes. With subscription plans starting at just $1.99 per month, Starfront Observatories promises to make high-quality astrophotography feasible for a broader audience.

The observatory, located in Central Texas, will feature roll-off roof buildings capable of housing multiple telescopes and providing on-site technical support. This initiative is intended to help those with unused telescope equipment or those living in areas with poor weather conditions. Additionally, Falls plans to produce a video guide for newcomers to remote imaging, assuring them that the process is simpler than it may seem.

Starfront Observatories aims to transform the field of amateur astronomy by making dark skies and quality astrophotography more accessible. Falls invites viewers to join this venture, promising a collaborative effort to revolutionize the accessibility of astronomy.

The Problem With Astrophotography


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