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5/20/2024 2:38:59 PM
New dew heater controllers from Astro-Smart
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New dew heater controllers from Astro-Smart


New dew heater controllers from Astro-Smart

Monday, May 20, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Astro-Smart introduces the new Independent 1 to 4 Channel Dew Annihilator MDA Family Controller! Dew heater controller models include MDA-4, MDA-3, MDA, Meade Fork Arm MDA, and MDA2.

Astro-Smart is excited to introduce the new Independent 1 to 4 Channel Dew Annihilator MDA Family Controller! Choose from models like the MDA-4, MDA-3, MDA, Meade Fork Arm MDA, or Meade Fork Arm MDA2. Designed for seamless compatibility with any telescope, the MDA Family ensures trouble-free operation.

Each channel on the MDA Family Dew Annihilator is independently controlled via its own knob, with ON and OFF switches. Once activated, heat intensity is managed through PWM, ranging from minimum to maximum, rated at 15 Amps/channel. LED indicators provide visual feedback for PWM adjustments on each channel.

Tailored for astronomers and astrophotographers, the MDA Family Dew Annihilator offers a low-cost, simple yet powerful solution for dew control, with optional temperature and humidity monitoring. It works flawlessly with Astro-Smart’s RCA jack type dew straps and other compatible brands like Kendrick.Astro-Smart’s MDA Family Dew Annihilator is engineered to be user-friendly, serviceable, elegant, and reliable.

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Astro-Smart’s MDA Family Dew Annihilator (dew heater controllers) details

  1. Worry-Free Warranty: Enjoy a lifetime warranty on your product.
  2. Independent Output Ports: Control one to four heat channels, each capable of handling up to 15 Amps. Compatible with any RCA type heat strap, such as Astro-Smart, Kendrick, etc.
  3. Variable Power Control: Adjust power intensity with a knob dial, offering a PWM duty cycle from 0-100% at 50 KHz.
  4. Low Voltage Cutoff: Includes a circuit and LED indicator for low voltage cutoff at 10.5 to 11VDC (for MDA-4 with "C" options).
  5. Robust Protection: Features over-current, reverse current, and over-voltage protection with switchable ON/OFF power.
  6. LED Indicators: Each channel has PWM LED flash indicators for heat output, along with a power LED indicator.
  7. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring: Optional channels for monitoring temperature and humidity of optics.
  8. High-Quality Design: Built with multi-layer PCB form factor and top-quality components, featuring conformal coatings for outdoor use.
  9. RFI Protection: Designed to minimize radio frequency interference, enhancing astro-imaging.
  10. Custom Cutoff Control: Available options for cutoff control with MDA-3AC and MDA-4AC when ordering MDA-3 and MDA-4 models.

What's in the box?

Each Astro-Smart MDA Family Dew Annihilator package contains:
1. MDA Family Dew Controller
2. 12VDC Pig Tail Power Adapter Harness.

What do the dew heater controllers cost?

Pricing starts at $69


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