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7/4/2024 7:50:48 AM
Vaonis Singularity app now includes dithering
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Vaonis Singularity app now includes dithering

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Vaonis recently announced a new software update for the Singularity app. The update included dithering for STELLINA, improved color uniformity for VESPERA, and optimized focus efficiency for VESPERA I. The Singularity app update also added 21 celestial objects, educational notifications, and various bug fixes for enhanced stability.

Vaonis has released the V2.27 software update for the Singularity app. This update, available as version 1.27.4 for Android and 1.27.5 for iOS, brings several enhancements. Notably, the update introduces the first version of dithering for the STELLINA telescope, significantly improving image quality. Additionally, it includes improvements in color uniformity and demosaicing for VESPERA instruments. The update also optimizes focus efficiency for VESPERA I and improves the CovalENS Mosaic for VESPERA PRO. Users can look forward to 21 new celestial objects in the Singularity app, alongside educational notifications and critical bug fixes.

Vaonis Singularity app version V2.27 now includes dithering

Android: 1.27.4

iOS: 1.27.5

Software version: V2.27

Singularity app

  1. 21 new objects: 3 multiple stars including T Coronae Borealis, 2 Dark nebulae, 4 Emission nebulae, 7 Global clusters, 3 Spiral galaxies, 1 Open cluster and 1 Galaxy group.
  2. Educational notifications for ephemerides
  3. Bug fixes and stabilization, including the Tiff export crash fix


  1. First version of dithering for image enhancement
All VESPERA instruments

All VESPERA instruments

  1. Sun: Color uniformity & demosaicing improvement
  2. New button behavior. Check this article for further information.


  1. Optimization of focus efficiency & CovalENS Mosaic


  1. Improved uniformity of the CovalENS Mosaic

Watch the video below from Vaonis about the Singularity app.


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