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4/25/2024 12:30:11 PM
NEX22-DO personal observatory dome from NexDome
NEX22-DO personal observatory dome from NexDome


NEX22-DO personal observatory dome from NexDome

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Explore the stars with NexDome's innovative observatory dome. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, it features a lightweight, easy-to-assemble structure, perfect for amateur and professional astronomers seeking a reliable and professional-grade solution.

NexDome has revolutionized the design of personal observatories by focusing on solving common issues found in similar constructions. This includes the overall expense, which is often exacerbated by high shipping costs and the need for additional accessories due to poor design or construction. NexDome has successfully met its primary objective of offering an affordable, robust, and easy-to-assemble observatory that doesn’t compromise on a professional appearance. The key to this achievement lies in its innovative modular design, which not only meets all the set criteria but also enhances the product with excellent post-purchase support.

NexDome NEX22-DO: The easy-to-assemble personal observatory

One significant advantage of this patented design is its exceptional after-sale service. Traditional observatories frequently encounter issues with returning defective parts, where the return shipping costs can surpass the value of the observatory itself, leaving the equipment unprotected. NexDome addresses this problem efficiently. In the event that a part breaks, only the affected section is replaced, ensuring minimal disruption and no need for complete repairs, keeping your observatory operational with little to no downtime.

NexDome NEX22DO specifications

NexDome NEX22-DO specifications

Height  44" (111.8cm) 
Diameter  80" (203.2cm)
Aperture Width  24" (61cm) 
Open Past Zenith  14" (35.6cm) 
Weight  120 lbs. (54 Kg) 
Material  Extruded ABS with Solarkote ® UV Coating 
Tested Temperatures -60º to 120º F (-60º to 48º C)
Warranty 1 Year


NexDome observatory dome only option

NexDome observatory dome only option

  • The 2.2m DOME ONLY model seamlessly fits and rotates on SkyShed walls without needing a NexDome ring, as the SkyShed walls are already equipped with wheels.
  • NexDome offers a traditional observatory dome design, featuring over 100 degrees of shutter opening, which allows telescopic viewing directly overhead (zenith) while also providing protection from stray light and wind.
  • The dome’s 2.2 meter internal diameter offers ample room for operating telescopes as large as a 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain or a 1400mm long refractor.
  • Reduced shipping costs are achieved through efficiently nested parts, allowing for smaller shipping packages.
  • The lightweight design of the NexDome facilitates the addition of a motorized rotation mechanism.
  • The integration of structural and enclosure materials reduces the total number of parts needed.
  • The assembly process is straightforward and simple.


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