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6/13/2024 7:20:37 AM
Find true background in astrophotos with FindBackground
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Find true background in astrophotos with FindBackground

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

FindBackground, a new script developed by Gerrit Erdt and a fellow programmer Frank, automatically identifies background regions in astronomical images, solving the challenge of finding object-free areas in dense star fields and nebulae, ensuring accurate calibration.

Gerrit Erdt and a fellow developer Frank have introduced a script designed to significantly improve the process of finding background regions in astronomical images. This tool, called FindBackground, addresses a common challenge faced by astrophotographers, particularly when working with dense star fields or nebulae.

Find true background in astrophotos with FindBackgroundI

Astrophotographers often face the challenge of finding areas in their images that are free of celestial objects, making it tough to get accurate background estimates. This is crucial for high-quality image processing, especially because gradients in backgrounds are a real problem to remove. FindBackground offers a solution by quickly and reliably identifying a very good background estimate, or the best possible estimate, based on parameters you set.


Prerequisites to use FindBackground effectively

Prerequisites to use FindBackground effectively:

  • Gradient Removal: Gradients must be removed from the image to prevent the script from converging on gradient-affected areas.
  • Stacking Artifact Removal: Any stacking artifacts at the edges of the image should be eliminated for the same reason.

The script is versatile, working with both monochrome and color images. For most images, the default parameters suffice, enabling users to apply the script directly to their open images. The script creates a preview of the background region and prints relevant information to the console. For more complex cases, users can adjust all pertinent parameters, with comprehensive documentation available through tooltips for every element within the script.

Installing FindBackground

FindBackground can be easily installed by adding Gerrit Erdt's repository to the updates repository list. Users can manage their update repositories under Resources -> Updates -> Manage Repositories -> Add, where they can include the following link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/setiastro/pixinsight-updates/main/. This will install the script along with other scripts from the developer, accessible under Script -> SetiAstro.

For those preferring a standalone download, the script is available on the developer's website: https://www.setiastro.com/pjsr-scripts.

Highlighting the identified background region

Upon application, the script generates a preview highlighting the identified background region and provides detailed information about it. This includes average background brightness per channel, additive color correction constants, and the coordinates of the detected region. Such comprehensive data allows astrophotographers to make precise adjustments and improve their image quality.


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