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6/26/2024 1:46:33 PM
Astrophotography mini pc MeLE Quieter3Q update from Astrotan
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Astrophotography mini pc MeLE Quieter3Q update from Astrotan

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Astrophotography mini pc, the MeLE Quieter 3Q could be your next ASI AIR replacement. Equipped with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, this fanless device enhances performance and eliminates cable clutter.

Astrotan, a popular YouTuber known for his astrophotography, recently shared an update from his backyard. In his latest video, he shared significant changes to his setup, which will hopefully enhance his photography of the SADR region this summer.

Located in the constellation Cygnus, the SADR region is a favored target for astrophotographers due to its bright and detailed nebulae. Astrotan expressed his enthusiasm for capturing this region with higher resolution and more detail than ever before. He attributed these improvements to the new additions to his setup, particularly a mini PC, which he described as a game-changer for convenience and organization.

Astrophotography mini pc, the MeLE Quieter3Q

The mini PC, a MeLE Quieter3Q, has substantially boosted his setup's performance with increased RAM and storage. This addition has eliminated cable clutter and allowed for seamless wireless control, significantly improving his workflow. Astrotan highlighted the ease of transporting his equipment, noting that it makes his astrophotography sessions more efficient and enjoyable.

Astrotans setup

Astrotan's setup

He uses an SVBONY SV503 80mm ED doublet refractor telescope with a focal length of 448mm, allowing him to capture wide views of space. Additionally, his setup includes a Player One Astronomy Mars-C Pro camera, which excels at capturing red light, making it ideal for photographing nebulae.

To combat light pollution, he uses an Optolong L-eNhance filter, which blocks out unwanted light from sources like the moon and streetlights, enhancing the clarity and detail of his images. His guide camera is a ZWO ASI120, paired with an SVBONY 50mm guide scope, ensuring accurate star tracking for long exposures.

  • Camera: Player One Artemis-C Pro
  • Mount: iOptron GEM28
  • Telescope: Svbony Sv503 80mm ED doublet refractor
  • Filter: Optolong l-eNhance
  • Guide camera: ZwoAsi120mc
  • Guide scope: Svbony 50mm Guide Scope
Benefits of the MeLE Quieter3Q mini PC

Benefits of the MeLE Quieter3Q

Astrotan also discussed the benefits of his new mini PC, the MeLE Quieter3Q, which has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, significantly more than his old laptop. This mini PC is fanless, preventing vibrations that could affect tracking accuracy. It also heats up slightly, preventing dew from forming on the electronics. The mini PC allows wireless control via his phone or laptop, enabling him to manage his setup from indoors without having to run back and forth.

Aiming to capture stunning images with his improved equipment

Aiming to capture stunning images with his improved equipment

Astrotan faced setbacks, including a rain-damaged laptop, but he remains enthusiastic about his upgraded gear and the opportunities it brings for high-quality astrophotography this summer. Despite the winter and spring weather challenges, he is optimistic about the clear summer skies ahead. He plans to spend more nights photographing the SADR region and other celestial objects, aiming to capture stunning images with his improved equipment. His video has generated excitement among his followers, who are eager to see the results of his enhanced astrophotography setup. Watch the full video below about his newest addition to the setup, the Mele Quieter 3Q mini pc.


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