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6/21/2024 12:03:42 PM
Askar 52mm F4 guide scope released
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Askar 52mm F4 guide scope released

Friday, June 21, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

The Askar 52mm F4 guide scope is perfect for autoguiding during long exposures, thanks to its lightweight, compact design. With a 52mm aperture, 208mm focal length, and 25mm travel length, it ensures high accuracy and stability. Ideal for astrophotography, this guide scope offers precise X&Y-axis fine adjustments for exceptional performance.

A guide scope is an essential tool for astrophotography (unless you are doing OAG), it helps to keep the main telescope accurately aligned during long exposures by correcting tracking errors. The Askar 52mm Guide Scope is perfect for this purpose. With its lightweight, compact design, it offers a 52mm aperture, 208mm focal length, and a 25mm travel length, all at just 631g (1.39 lbs). Its doublet objective lens and precise X&Y-axis fine adjustments ensure high accuracy and stability, making it a reliable and versatile choice for capturing the night sky.

Introducing the Askar 52mm F4 guide scope

The aperture area of the Askar 52mm F4 guide scope is 164% larger than that of the 32mm F4 guide scope, allowing more light to enter and reaching a limiting magnitude of 10.4.

Besides guiding, the 52mm F4 guide scope can also be used for visual.

It features a Helical focusing design for smooth operation, which is also handy becuase helical focusers do not change the rotation of the object, one of the things I have come to love. Users can manually turn the focuser to adjust it and the focuser includes an M3 locking screw hole for added convenience. The 52mm F4 Guide Scope comes with a 1.25” adapter and an M42 threaded adapter, meeting users' needs for connecting their imaging equipment, and since most guide cameras like the infamous ZWO 172 or th eZWO 120 are 1.25" - it's a great match.

Askar launches a new 52mm F4 guide scope

Askar 52mm F4 scope details

The 52mm F4 guide scope has a standard Vixen style base built in, and also includes a 1/4 threaded hole and an M4 threaded hole on the base for easy attachment.

Its design reflects quality and value - which is something Askar is becoming known for. The accessories are refined, and the coating has a uniform texture. Available in black and silver, the black version maintains a calm tone, while the silver version has a metallic finish that appears more technical. The advanced manufacturing process gives both versions a textured feel, providing consumers with more options.

52mm F4 guide scope features

52mm F4 guide scope features

  • 52mm aperture main objective lens
  • 208mm focal length
  • Doublet lens design (achromatic)
  • Integrated helical focuser
  • All-metal design
  • Finder base bracket
  • X-Y axis fine adjustment
  • 1.25
  • M42
  • 1.25''adapter
  • M42 thread adapter
52mm F4 guide scope parameters


The Askar 52mm F4 Guide Scope is light, compact, and stable. With an aperture of 52mm, a focal length of 208mm, and a travel length of 25mm, it weighs only 631g.



This little beauty is on pre-order right now, but if you need a comparable guide scope, here are a few alternative native options for you that are around the same price and features.

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6/22/2024 6:59:43 AM
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